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“Living like a Mr.Donothing Hong Kong Solo Exhibition” @ Harbour City

30 Jun, 2022

“Neither a fictional nor cartoon character, Mr.Donothing is everyone’s mirror image. We are either Mr.Donothing or Ms.Donothing.” – Korean Designer CHO Hee-jae

Doing nothing is not a waste of time, while slacking off is a great way to induce states of mind that nurture our imagination, which makes life graceful and meaningful. The world moves fast, but that doesn’t mean we have to. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we are always busy – whether at work, at school, or even at home. From 30 June to 11 August 2022, “Living like a Mr.Donothing Hong Kong Solo Exhibition” is showcased at Gallery by the Harbour.This exhibition features a selection of Mr.Donothing, through which the Korean designer CHO Hee-jae hopes to present the lifestyle of doing nothing, and offers some hope and comfort to the souls who need a space for rest.


Apart from 12 selected digital prints, ONE latest digital print with the theme of night view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is created and showcased for the exhibition exclusively.

What’s more, a series of limited-edition premiums are also available in the exhibition, including Mr.Donothing mini figures, ceramic diffuser, T-shirts, caps, stickers and posters etc, so that visitors can bring them home at leisure.

Showcases 12 selected digital prints   Let’s embrace the art of doing nothing

“Don’t stand when we can sit and don’t sit down when you can lie down.” is the living philosophy of Mr.Donothing. Mr.Donothing’s all-white, “colourless” body is an embodiment of people who have lost their delight and motivation amid busy lives. Yet, the colour of white also represents a space filled with infinite possibilities, where we can paint our own colour and give new meanings. In the exhibition, 12 selected digital prints are showcased, including our lazy dreams like “home alone”, and the relaxing time under new normal, such as “what a dinner”, “shopping” and“work from home” etc,

 Showcases One latest digital print     Nearly 50 styles of limited-edition premiums

The exhibition showcases ONE latest digital print with the night view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour exclusively – “Night in Hong Kong”. Besides the digital prints, nearly 50 styles of limited-edition collectibles are also available for sale in the exhibition, including Mr.Donothing’s ceramic diffuser, mini figures etc. Limited quantity while stock lasts. Let’s bring them home and enjoy the relaxing time everyday effortlessly.

“Living like a Mr.Donothing Hong Kong Solo Exhibition”

Date: 30 June – 11 August 2022

Time: 11am- 10pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui)

About Mr.Donothing

Mr.Donothing is a reflection of the young generation, who are living their tough and busy life. In our life, we have no colors of our own and our voice is getting smaller. Just like us, Mr.Donothing welcomes us with his no-mouth and no-coloured appearance. I hope you find comfort by looking at the way he lives. If you are smiling while you look at Mr.Donothing, you very likely may be feeling and living the same as Mr.Donothing.

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