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Lladró – The Guest by Henn Kim

05 Dec, 2020

The black and white visual poetry of the South Korean artist Henn Kim, a true social media sensation with over one million followers on Instagram and Facebook, shoots straight to the heart by tattooing the singular porcelain Guest, created by Jaime Hayon for Lladró. The brand’s artists, whose expertise has made it famous the world over, enhance the bittersweet beauty of Kim’s drawings by etching them on exquisite white porcelain with a subtle glazed finish. 

Similar to Lladró porcelain, Henn Kim’s drawings speak in the universal language of emotions. These two new guests tell us stories that resonate in our soul and in which we can instantly recognize ourselves. Little feelings, intense emotions, bittersweet moments of sadness after which we will blossom once again to continue discovering who we want to be and how we want to live …  

The large version, available in a limited edition of just 250 pieces, submerges us in galactic dreams and space travel. It speaks to us of the boundless solitude of the astronaut at night or perhaps those thoughts that cloud our reality. The small version traps us in a melancholic gaze that gives us a glimpse of scratches on the heart, unfulfilled promises and flowers that grow from scars. Countless messages hidden in The Guest by Henn Kim, creations that break us down only to put us back together again and bring a smile to our face with optimism, irony and a caustic touch. 

Founded in 1953, Lladró is the success story of an iconic Spanish brand, a world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of porcelain art creations.

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