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Louis Vuitton Hard-Sided Pop-Up at Harbour City

Louis Vuitton will unveil Hong Kong’s first Hard-Sided Pop-Up at Gateway Arcade in Harbour City.  It will be opened from May 1st until May 13th 2018 where visitors and clients can discover the art of trunk-making which up to today is fine-tuned to each individual’s specific requirements.

Since 1859, the workshop in Asnières has been the stronghold of Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making tradition, giving birth to an astonishing array of custom-made luggage and hard-sided trunks.  The work is now carried out in the time-honored ways with tools that have hardly changed and only a precious few craftsmen possess the mastery needed to execute special orders.  They ensure that Louis Vuitton’s cases are a perfect fit for the goods they protect – be they bottles of champagne or perfume, board games or make-up, jewellery or grooming tools.


The Pop-Up will showcase a variety of hard-sided trunks and cases for men and women.  Besides the iconic products such as the Wardrobe trunk and hard-sided suitcases, other special trunks – which have been created for the lifestyles of its clients – will also be displayed.  For the fashion-savvy, they can also view the Petite Malle, rendered in the season’s animations.  First launched in Fall-Winter 2014 by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Petite Malle has become one of the House’s most recognizable signatures.

A painter will be on hand at the venue to demonstrate the art of trunk painting and to highlight the personalization options available to clients.

Louis Vuitton Hard-Sided Pop-Up

May 1st to May 13th 2018

Open Daily 10am – 10pm

Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City