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MAMA’s Mixin’ with Nara’s Spice: Thai Eclectic Madness”

02 Jul, 2024

MAMA Noodles, Thailand’s iconic “national food” brand since 1973, has been dedicated to bringing the flavours of Thailand to the world. The brand is constantly innovating, collaborating with different brands globally to present fresh new experiences. From July 7 to September 8 this year, a MAMA Noodles Hong Kong pop-up store will land at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, partnering with fellow Thai cuisine brand Nara Thai Cuisine. Nara’s chef team will draw inspiration from the flavours and characteristics of different MAMA Noodles varieties to create 6 exclusive, surprising crossover dishes for the Hong Kong pop-up! Become a DRC member to enjoy 20% off on all MAMA dishes during the pop-up period.

Instagrammable and Playful! Immerse in Thailand’s Vibrant Charm
MAMA x Nara Thai Eclectic Madness Pop-Up Store

Nara Thai Cuisine’s Tsim Sha Tsui branch will transform into the MAMA Noodles pop-up store, decked out in a playful style to recreate a whimsical, surprise-filled world. Multiple photogenic spots include a swing area covered in MAMA Noodles design elements. Oversized MAMA Noodles mascot figurines and instant noodle packs will be placed in the swing area for customers to snap memorable photos. Upon order any MAMA Noodles dish at Tsim Sha Tsui branch, you will get one chance to participate in the “MAMA Prize Catcher”. Win exciting prizes including limited edition MAMA Noodles mascot plushies, Thai-imported instant and cup noodles with special flavours from MAMA Noodles, exclusive gifts that are only available at Hong Kong stop and many more – a guaranteed haul of souvenirs!


Bangkok’s Must-Try Culinary Extravaganza – MAMA Tom Yum Super Bowl
Unbounded Creativity: Thai Flavours & the Debut of Salted Egg Napoleon

Nara Thai’s chef team will flex their creative muscles, drawing inspiration from MAMA Noodles varieties and seasoning powders to craft a series of new Thai-style appetizers, mains and desserts by artfully incorporating diverse ingredients and Thai spices. Highlights include the massive, photogenic MAMA Tom Yum Super Pot as well as the Salted Egg Napoleon – an ingenious East-meets-West creation exclusive to Nara Tsim Sha Tsui that incorporates MAMA Noodles into a dessert! The MAMA Noodles x Nara Thai Hong Kong pop-up store and menu items will be promoted from July 7 to September 8, 2024, all-day available. In addition to the limited-time pop-up store in Tsim Sha Tsui, some of the MAMA Noodle collaborative dishes will also be available at Nara Thai Cuisine located in Shatin New Town Plaza during the same period.


MAMA Noodles Chicken Nugget with Tom Yum Mayo

This highly creative appetizer features tender chicken thigh meat encased in a uniquely crunchy coating made from crushed MAMA Noodles. The chicken is marinated with an array of aromatic spices until deeply flavoured, then fried to a golden, crispy perfection while retaining a juicy, tender interior. Another highlight is the distinctive tom yum mayo sauce – an ingenious blend of MAMA’s Creamy Tom Yum seasoning and rich mayo that adds lingering layers of fresh flavours without being overpowering, providing a delightful kick for the nuggets perfectly.

Crispy Tiger Prawns with MAMA Crisps & Salted Egg Mayo

The star of this uniquely flavoured dish is the bouncy tiger prawns enrobed in a crackling golden crust. The prawns are battered in a special crispy coating infused with MAMA Noodles’ Salted Egg seasoning powder before being deep-fried to a golden, crunchy perfection. Accompanied by a house-made salted egg yolk mayo sauce brimming with alluring savoury richness, it intertwines with the fresh sweetness of the fried prawns for an exquisite flavour combination.

MAMA Khao Soi Duo with Slow-cooked Chicken

Nara’s take on the famed Northern Thai curry noodle dish Khao Soi showcases the versatility of MAMA Noodles. The chef deftly incorporates MAMA Noodles into their richly aromatic, golden homemade curry broth. A genius touch is adding crispy MAMA Noodles crackers to provide contrasting textures when savoured with the soup. While the broth tantalizes with intense aromatics and a hint of spice, the meltingly tender slow-cooked chicken thigh and shredded chicken served alongside shall not be missed. These succulent proteins harmonize perfectly with the varying soft and crispy noodle textures. Nara’s housemade chilli sauce ties it all together, taking the multilayered flavours to new heights.

Grilled Beef with Cold MAMA Noodles & Thai Fish Sauce

Beyond instant noodles, MAMA offers a diverse range of noodle products, including Egg Noodles used in this dish. These bouncy egg noodles are tossed in a fragrant and spicy sauce, crafted with fermented fish sauce from Northeastern Thailand, imparting a savory-fresh aroma reminiscent of home-cooked flavors. Grilled marinated beef adds depth to the dish, with its juicy texture and meaty aroma perfectly balancing the savory sauce. This chilled noodle dish is served alongside fresh, crisp lettuce, creating a harmonious blend of savory richness and refreshing notes, making it the perfect choice for the summer season.

Thai Salted Egg Napoleon with Coconut Ice Cream (Exclusive at Nara TST branch)

This multi-layered dessert ingeniously combines Eastern and Western flavours: the velvety cheese cream filling is meticulously prepared with MAMA Noodles’ Salted Egg powder, interlacing savoury and sweet notes. Crispy MAMA Noodle crumbles lend a unique bite while contrasting interestingly with the smooth filling, airy cake layers, and buttery pastry. Complemented by refreshing Thai coconut ice cream and homemade pineapple jam, this dessert receives elegant finishing touches of delightful fragrance and sweetness.

Jumbo Handmade Thai Lemon Tea

Made with fresh lemon medica, this tea boasts a refreshing citrus aroma. It skillfully blends the classic Thai tea with a tart-sweet lemon flavour and delicate tea undertones. Quenching your thirst and leaving a delightful lingering scent, it serves as the ideal companion for combating the summer heat and pairs beautifully with MAMA’s flavorful dishes. Served in a bucket, it transports you to the immersive vibes of a relaxing vacation in Bangkok!

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