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Harbour City and MILK have united to embark on a sartorial odyssey for an immersive collaboration in the realm of beloved fashion magazines that ignite the passions of style connoisseurs worldwide. With a shared devotion to the art of print, the MILK X team draws inspiration from these influential publications, curating an exquisite selection of styles that harmoniously blend with the fashion brands found within the vibrant tapestry of Harbour City.


Step into the enchanting world of WE LOVE “GINZA,” a revered fashion magazine that has captivated Japan since its inception in 1997. As one of the esteemed publications within the MAGAZINE HOUSE portfolio, “GINZA” stands as a beacon of innovation. Continuously surprising and resonating with its readers through unique thematic content, the magazine’s cover personalities have become iconic, making them highly coveted collectibles.

While initially renowned for its minimalist backdrops and female models from the waist up, “GINZA” underwent a remarkable transformation with the arrival of Toshiko Nakajima and Naomi Hirabayashi in 2011. Toshiko Nakajima, a visionary figure, introduced a harmonious fusion of music, art, film, design, and fashion dialogue, catapulting “GINZA” beyond being a mere showcase of trends to a multidimensional magazine that celebrates diverse forms of beauty and expands artistic imagination. “GINZA” painstakingly crafts visually captivating editorials, often venturing into outdoor settings and pushing creative boundaries. Each issue of “GINZA” promises an immersive experience, bestowing joy upon its readers and serving as an endless source of inspiration for imaginative minds.

Drawing inspiration from the esteemed fashion magazine “GINZA,” we present six distinctive looks that epitomize the style of Japanese women. These carefully curated ensembles encompass a spectrum of dressing styles, perfectly suited for both daytime and evening occasions, whether indoors or outdoors. Join us as we embark on a journey through this elegant fashion lookbook, unveiling a world of sartorial splendor.

LOOK 1: PORTS Pure White T-Shirt, SNIDEL Brown Fluff Top, INTIQUE Stripe Long Skirt, BERACAMY Flats, ANNOUSHKA Ring s
LOOK 5:PORTS INTERNATIONAL Pink Blouse, White Knit Top, Snidel Metallic Long Skirt, Sam Edelman Halie Silver Heels
LOOK 6: INITIAL Mint Shirt & Pearl Vest, INTIQUE Jeans, Sam Edelman Janina Flats
LOOK 3: lNITIAL Purple Dress, ATSURO TAYAMA Black Vest, SAM EDELMAN Brit Black Heels, ANNOUSHKAEarrings, Necklace and Chain Necklace

LOOK 1: We present the quintessential Japanese everyday office attire, featuring a comfortable PORTSPURE top, an INTIQUE midi skirt, and a touch of flair with a SNIDEL fur vest.

LOOK 2: This set focuses on formal wear, highlighting an INITIAL denim suit and a collage top from INTIQUE, seamlessly blending vintage and modern elements.

LOOK 3: This look exudes sensuality and mystery, with an INITIAL purple dress and an ATSURO TAYAMA black coat, creating a unique blend of tenderness and delicacy that is distinct to Japanese women.

LOOK 4: It showcases the classic black and white combination, epitomizing the strength and sophistication of Japanese women in the workplace. An ATSURO TAYAMA blazer and a black maxi skirt outline a mature and polished attitude.

LOOK 5 : We embrace a street style aesthetic, featuring a daring silver SNIDEL dress and SAM EDELMAN high heels that exude confidence.

LOOK 6: The final one ensemble embodies the essence of Japanese minimalism, enhanced by a pearl jacket that exudes refined and understated Japanese style. Paired with GUERLAIN’s exquisite makeup, the elegance and subtlety of Japanese women are further accentuated, creating an alluring and sophisticated ensemble.

As part of the remarkable collaboration between Harbour City and OSAMU GOODS, a limited-edition umbrella has been unveiled. Founded by the late Japanese artist Harada Osamu, the brand has garnered immense popularity among discerning Japanese ladies, who are drawn to its captivating aesthetic. Inspired by the timeless English nursery rhyme “Mother Goose,” the character designs adorning this umbrella exude a unique charm and undeniable adorability.