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Supporting numerous scientist and explorer in various projects, National Geographic is dedicated to showing the wonder of our world and announcing the new facts to the world with a belief that storytelling of science and exploration can change the world. Stepping into the fashion industry, National Geographic Apparel upholds its adventurous spirit and follows the footsteps of explorers.

National Geographic launched new store at Harbour City. Tiger@MIRROR and Jeremy@MIRROR officiated the launching ceremony wearing the latest National Geographic Apparel. They also shared their past adventures and encouraged everyone to go forward to future adventures.

The Harbour City store uses new design concept, the wall painting is inspired by the geographic stratum, and other wooden decorations make you feel like surrounded by the nature. The trendy contour line design wall also highlighted the fashionable design of the Urban Line series. An eye-catching large yellow boarder act as the feature of this store, National Geographic yellow icon is not just a border – it’s a portal into the world unknown.

The three main collection of National Geographic Apparel – “Original Line”, “Urban Line” and “Essential Line”. “Original Line” – The classic collection which merge explorers’ historical moments into the product design. The products concepts are inspired by science, adventures, and cultures. “Urban Line” – Functionable yet stylish design, this series are suitable for outdoor activities. “Essential Line” – New women’s clothing series released in 2021, the comfortable casual wear designed for Athleisure (Athletic + Leisure).

With a passion for protecting the Earth, National Geographic presents a more sustainable t-shirt option, the Green Tee. Green Tee collection uses recycled and biodegradable materials to help find a new purpose for plastic trash and lessen the demand for virgin materials plaguing our planet, in order to drive customers’ awareness of global warming. With a purchase from this collection, you will receive a free sunflower growing kit. Discover the fun of planting flowers in the comfort of your home!

Brand Story

The World’s largest Science and Exploration nonprofit foundation

–– National Geographic

National Geographic is the world’s largest Science and Exploration non-profit foundation founded in 1888 by 33 scientists, explorers and scholars. Supporting numerous scientific, exploration, and conservation projects, National Geographic is dedicated to showing the beauty of the world and announcing the new facts to the world, believing that storytelling from science and exploration can change the world.

With National Geographic, your purchase has purpose. Every purchase helps support the global non-profit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research, and education. To learn more, visit

The launch of an apparel line with National Geographic’s 133-year history

National Geographic Apparel follows the footsteps of explorers on a journey to a new world based on their intellectual curiosity. All the design are inspired by adventure, exploration and nature, emphasizing the coexistence idea on our products.

We have developed various products to raise the public awareness and promote the value of National Geographic Society. National Geographic Apparel hold the same value and characteristics of Generation Y and Z – individual expression and search for truth.

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