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    Our Toy Stories @ Harbour City Celebrates the release of Disney and Pixarโ€™s โ€œToy Story 4โ€ Our Toy Stories @ Harbour City Celebrates the release of Disney and Pixarโ€™s โ€œToy Story 4โ€ – Harbour City
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    Our Toy Stories @ Harbour City Celebrates the release of Disney and Pixarโ€™s โ€œToy Story 4โ€

    28 Jun, 2019

    Disney and Pixarโ€™s โ€œToy Story 4โ€ will hit the big screens in Hong Kong on 11 July, 2019. To celebrate the release and the return of one Hong Kongโ€™s most beloved franchises, the largest mall and landmark in Hong Kong, Harbour City is joining forces with Disney to bring โ€œToy Story 4โ€ to life.

    Inspired by โ€œToy Story 4,โ€ Harbour City has transformed into a โ€œToy Storyโ€ themed carnival with different games and challenges, where fans are surrounded by Woody and the gang figures โ€” Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Slinky Dog, Rex, together with their long-lost and new friends โ€” Bo Peep, Forky, Duke Caboom, Gabby Gabby, and Ducky & Bunny.

    In addition to the carnival, fans can experience other fun, immersive activities throughout the mall including The Art of Toy Story 4 exhibit, kidsโ€™ workshops, an interactive digital game, โ€œToy Doctorโ€ consultation, and a โ€œToy Story 4โ€ pop-up store. There are โ€œToy Storyโ€ themed-dessert pop-up store, Summer Splash Photo Fun hotspot, and Toy Story character greeting later presented by Hong Kong Disneyland.

    1.Our Toy Stories โ€œPassportโ€

    Fans can pre-register at pass.harbourcity.com.hk to redeem Our Toy Stories โ€œPassportโ€ for FREE. The passport allows holder to enjoy a wide range of in-mall activities at some of the 22 hotspots and collect commemorative stamps. A limited edition โ€œToy Story 4โ€ Puzzle will be rewarded to those who successfully complete the journey (including the carnival games and challenges) and online registration (daily quota applies, first-come-first-served, while stocks last).

    Redemption Details

    Our Toy Stories โ€œPassportโ€* โ€œToy Story 4โ€ Puzzle
    Period 29 June – 4 August, 2019 12 July to 4 August, 2019
    Time 11am โ€“ 8pm 11am โ€“ 10pm
    Location 1)ย ย ย ย ย  Gallery by the Harbourย  (Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

    2)ย ย ย ย ย  Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal

    Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

    *Fans can also redeem Our Toy Stories passport and game tokens with a donation of HK$100 at the โ€œToy Storyโ€ carnival.

    2.Have Fun with Woody and Friends at the โ€œToy Storyโ€ Carnival!

    Harbour City is bringing everyone in the city into the wonder of โ€œToy Story 4โ€ with a carnival full of pleasant surprises. Statues of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Slinky Dog are welcoming guests at the 7-meter tall giant arch entrance at Ocean Terminal Forecourt. Fans can take pictures with other โ€œToy Storyโ€ character figures like Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Jessie and Aliens at the โ€œBalloon Ticket Booth,โ€ โ€œRoller Coasterโ€ and Aliens inspired โ€œMerry-Go-Round.โ€

    Game tokens can be used at different games and challenges including rescuing the newly introduced character, Forky at โ€œForky: Get Me Outta Here,โ€ get to know another new character Gabby Gabby at โ€œGabby Gabby: I Love You,โ€ fix and dress up Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head at โ€œPotato Heads: Fix Me Please,โ€ and try your hand at โ€œAliens: Oooohh the Chosen Onesโ€ giant claw machine.


    The carnival continues at the Ocean Terminal Deck with 3 installations and 2 exciting games against the backdrop of the spectacular Victoria Harbour. Fans can pose and snap a few photos with the 6 meter-tall โ€œBuzz Lightyear Ferris Wheelโ€ and โ€œSummer Road Tripโ€ Camping Van, and enjoy the beautiful sunset together with the Aliens. Those who are up for the challenge are invited to help Bo Peep save the Aliens at โ€œBo Beep: Iโ€™m in Charge.โ€ Visitors can also show off their driving skills at the exhilarating car racing challenge โ€œDuke Caboom: Kart Race.โ€


    ย  Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City
    Date 29 June (2pm) โ€“ 4 August 2019
    Opening Time* 10am โ€“ 10pm
    Game Booths Operating Time 11am โ€“ 8pm 11am โ€“ 7pm
    Entry Fee FREE

    *The carnival will be closed for private events on 29 June (10am โ€“ 2pm) & 7 July (10am โ€“ 3pm)

    Game Tokens Redemption Details

    • Donate HK$100 to redeem FIVE Silver Tokens and ONE Golden Token and ONE Our Toy Stories โ€œPassportโ€
    • Donate HK$40 to top up with TWO Silver Tokens
    • All proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army

    3.Where is Bonnie?

    While the โ€œToy Storyโ€ friends all gather at Harbour City, their new owner โ€œBonnieโ€ cannot be missed. So, Harbour City is welcoming locals and visitors named Bonnie from around the world to the carnival party. Simply present a passport, official ID or any proof showing your name is Bonnie to redeem a set of tokens for free to enjoy the carnival games.

    4.The Art of Toy Story 4 Exhibit

    Gallery by the Harbour at the same time hosts an exhibition with The Art of Toy Story 4 exhibit to explore the illustrated journey behind the scenes of โ€œToy Story 4โ€.

    Date: 29 June โ€“ 4 August 2019

    Time: 11am โ€“ 10pm

    Location: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

    Entry Fee: FREEย 

    For more details:ย http://harbourcity.com.hk/article/the-art-of-toy-story-4

    5.Bonnie and Forkyโ€™s Toy Classroom

    The toysโ€™ new owner, Bonnie shows visitors her classroom. Kids can walk through the giant storybooks to check out โ€œToy Story 4โ€ fun facts together with Forky. Everyone must love turning themselves into โ€œForkyโ€ through the Kinect Experience.ย 

    Over the weekends, Our Toy Stories โ€œPassportโ€ holders can sign up for the DIY workshop to make their own unique spork toys. Seats are limited and first-come-first-served.

    Date: 29 June โ€“ 4 August 2019

    Time: 10am โ€“ 10pmย 

    • Kinect Experience & Toy Collection: 11am โ€“ 8pm daily
    • Toy Doctor Free Consultation*: 1 โ€“ 3pm on every Saturday
    • Little Nurse Toy-Repairing Class*: 3.30pm โ€“ 5.30pm on every Saturday
    • Forky DIY Workshop: 1pm โ€“ 6pm on every Sunday

    Location: Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

    Entry Fee: FREEย 

    *Enrollment Method: Advanced booking is required for the free consultation and class. Registration Form:ย https://bit.ly/2FAPNWq

    Fore more workshop details๏ผšhttp://harbourcity.com.hk/article/bonnie-and-forkys-toy-classroom/


    6.Hong Kong Disneyland โ€œSummer Splashโ€ Sweet Kitchen

    Hong Kong Disneyland has launched the biggest ever โ€œToy Story & Pixar Pals Summer Splashโ€ from now to 1 September, 2019, when our beloved Toy Story friends and other Pixar pals are gathering at the park to party with fans. โ€œPixar Water Play Street Party!โ€ brings together the largest array of Pixar pals, complete with dazzling new floats, water elements, and fun-filled performances. Hong Kong Disneyland specially brings the โ€œSummer Splashโ€ Sweet Kitchen to Harbour City. A total of 11 choices of sweets featuring Woody, Buzz and Slinky among others are on offer, of which 5 are exclusive to Harbour City. Whatโ€™s more, 3 adorable drink containers featuring Buzz, Woody and Alien are also available for sale.

    Date: 29 June โ€“ 4 August 2019

    Time: 11:30am โ€“ 9pm (Weekdays); 10am โ€“ 10pm (Sat / Sun / Public Holidays)ย 

    Location: Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (near Shop OT 313)

    In addition, a โ€œSummer Splashโ€ photo hotspot is set up at Ocean Terminal Lobby. Statues of Woody, Bo Peep and their new friend Forky are welcoming all fans.

    7.โ€œToy Story 4โ€ Pop-up Store

    The โ€œToy Story 4โ€ Pop-up Store features over 550 โ€œToy Story 4โ€ themed products including 174 exclusive items; and a special DIY booth that allows fans to print their own names on any items of the 40 DIY products, such as t-shirts, power banks and tote bags.

    Date: 29 June โ€“ 4 August 2019

    Time: 10am โ€“ 10pmย 

    Location: Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (near Shop OT 303)

    8.Share Your Toys and Your Toy Stories

    Toys play an inevitable role in the life of children. But for grown-ups, their childhood toys also hold precious memories. Do you remember the last time you played with your toys?ย 

    Harbour City now invites you to share your memorable toy stories on social media in any format. These can be any stories about you and anything related to Disney and Pixarโ€™s โ€œToy Story.โ€ Please add hashtags #HarbourCity, #OurToyStories, #YouShareIShare and #MyToyWillGoOn to your toy stories post, tag two friends to share their own toy stories. If you also bring a new or gently-used toy(s) to โ€œBonnie and Forkyโ€™s Toy Classroomโ€ during the campaign period, a surprise gift will be rewarded in appreciation.

    At the same time, we collaborate with The Salvation Army to collect pre-loved toys to share with those in need, giving old toys a new home and allowing a new generation of kids to create happy memories of their own. Fans may also have a chance to join the โ€œToy Swap Dayโ€. Details will be announced later.


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