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PALLADIUM opens new store at Harbour City

24 Jul, 2020

PALLADIUM was founded in 1920, originally making aircraft tires, using bands of canvas underneath durable rubber. After the end of WWII, PALLADIUM began making boots that were as hard wearing as their tires. In 1947, the legendary Pampa boot was born. PALLADIUM boots were so comfortable and durable that the legendary French Foreign Legion adopted the boots for their rugged use. Over 60 years later PALLADIUM is as relevant as ever and available once again for city explorers worldwide.

The interior design of the store follows the military and industrial style maintained by the brand for decades. It uses cement, wood and metal combined with Palladium’s representative canvas and rubber to bring out a unique industrial style through different shades of gray.  

For the SS20 season, Palladium launches the latest spring and summer shoes in the new store, we are proud to reproduce our first pair of Pampa Boots in 1947, launching the Pampa Originale collection. In addition to its timeless design, the Paradrop insole technique is used to provide excellent arch rebound and shock resistance, allowing you to explore the city, dare the unknown.  

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