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Paper Moon’s new Executive Chef Sergio Landi welcomes autumn with the season’s most prized culinary treasure – white truffles. Using truffles sourced from Savigno in northern Italy, Chef Sergio serves up a selection of decadent dishes that highlights the unforgettable flavors and aromas of the famed “white diamond” of the kitchen.

Located in the city of Bologna, Savigno is a small, mountainous town that’s known as a haven for truffle lovers. In 2014, a white truffle weighing 1,483 grams was found in Savigno and was entered into the Guinness World Records as the largest truffle in the world.

Truffle All the Way with the White Diamond of Autumn

Every dish in chef Sergio’s Truffle All the Way menu is crafted with top-quality, seasonal ingredients. Beginning with the appetizers, there’s the 65-degree Sous Vide Paolo Parisi Egg with Truffle Fondue, Green Almond & Asparagus (HKD288), a simple yet elegant dish made with specially selected Paolo Parisi eggs, which are renowned in the culinary world for their incredibly rich and creamy yolks. There’s also the Baked Hokkaido Scallops Au Gratin with Mixed Mushrooms (HKD288), which is a tantalizing, multifaceted creation that sees sweet scallops baked with cream and mushrooms, and then served with white truffles and crunchy breadcrumbs.

Moving to the next course, there’s the Homemade Tagliolini with Mountain Butter & Sage (HKD368), which sees deliciously eggy handcrafted noodles further elevated with herbs and butter. There’s also the Chestnut Gnocchi with Chanterelle Mushroom & Spinach (HKD338), which uses Piedmontese chestnuts to create sweet, pillowy gnocchi dumplings that pair exceptionally well with chanterelles and white truffles. Also not to be missed is the Truffle Pizza (HKD338), which boasts a base made with Italy’s high-quality Barbara flour and topped with indulgent ingredients such as chanterelles, mozzarella and, of course, white truffles.

For mains, guests can enjoy the Roasted Guinea Fowl with Chard & Mixed Baby Potatoes (HKD388) or the Grilled MB6 Wagyu Striploin with Porcini Mousse & Crispy Asparagus (HKD468). Both are excellent partners to Savigno white truffles, with the guinea fowl being succulent and tender, while the wagyu offers a bold and meaty option.

For dessert, there’s the Truffle Gianduia Chocolate Cake (HKD228) and White Truffle Semifreddo (HKD228). With slivers of freshly shaved white truffles adorning them like snowflakes, these sweet treats are the perfect way to end the decadent feast.

All items above are served with 3 grams of white truffles, which are freshly shaved tableside by the restaurant’s dedicated staff. Deliciously tender with a distinct pungent aroma mixed with a complex woodsy fragrance, the truffles complement chef Sergio’s creations, bringing an unforgettable gastronomic experience to Paper Moon’s guests.

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