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When love leads two people to tie the knot, the rings they wear are symbolic of promise and commitment. While classic couple rings are usually made of gold with simple lines, Qeelin has infused them with the endearing oriental belief that love is pre-ordained by fate and presents a series of new creations which are timeless and precious. These luxurious rings are the best illustration of love and will accompany couples through life’s most memorable moments.

Hong Xian Collection
A romance to be cherished and protected with devotion.

In oriental folklore, Yuelao is the god in charge of matchmaking and marriage. It is said that he would secretly tie a red string between two people who were destined to be married. Therefore, the red thread is a symbol of romance and marriage.

The Qeelin Hong Xian Collection is exquisitely made of platinum or 18K rose gold, with a red string made from innovative HyCeram® ceramic that encircles the inside of the rings. This simple design outlines the trajectory of love while the red string is reminiscent of Yuelao secretly tying the couple together. Fate may lead to the encounter between two people, but only dedication and effort can keep them together and happy forever. The ring reminds the wearer to cherish love and marriage. With its delicate and ingenious red string design, Qeelin’s Hong Xian Collection brings modernity and connects the lovebirds more closely.

Tien Di Collection
Between heaven and earth, square and round, home is found in harmony.

Oriental culture integrates the beauty of balance and harmony into the abstract concept of “heaven and earth”, where the skies (Tien) are depicted as a circle – symbolising movement, change and challenges – and the earth (Di) is a square, wherein tranquillity, peace and stability are found.

To celebrate unity in harmony for newlyweds, Qeelin has created Tien Di collection of which the rings are finely crafted with a square and circle to depict the concept of harmony between heaven and earth. The Qeelin Tien Di rings are made from platinum or 18K rose gold and can be worn alone or layered, subtly suggesting that marriage is a dynamic and devoted relationship between the two in building up their new world.

Wei Yi Collection
Together and inseparable. You and I, become one.

A lasting relationship is built on trust, respect, and compassion between two people. Love is the key that connects and brings two hearts closer, keeping them together forever.

Two becomes one after tying the knot. The Wei Yi Collection is crafted from luxurious platinum and rose gold. The rings are made using the skilful sintering process which makes two rings firmly fit together to symbolise the eternal connection between a couple.

Ever since inception, Qeelin has infused its iconic Wulu design – shaped on the legendary gourd, a symbol of positivity and good luck – with modernity and playfulness. The latest addition to the Wulu family is a celebration of the Wulu’s splendour, as many Wulus amalgamate to compose a new chapter of the family – WuluWulu Collection is therefore created. The latest addition to the Wulu family celebrates the magnificence of this fortune symbol, uniting a myriad of Wulus for the expressive WuluWulu Collection.

Always dynamic and versatile, in this debut Qeelin is offering a high jewellery collection finely crafted in 18K White Gold, Diamonds and Rubies, and Wulus of different sizes intricately linked and exquisitely articulated, from large to small, radiating in a brilliant aesthetic that is modern and timeless. This epitomises Qeelin’s extraordinary craftsmanship which best presents the natural beauty of precious gemstones, while simultaneously unveiling the Wulu as a luxurious work of art that can be worn on the most special of occasions.

WuluWulu collection also features pieces made from 18K White Gold or Rose Gold and adorned with shimmering Diamonds, Red Agate, and Jadeite include exquisite necklaces and bracelets that elegantly embrace wearer’s skin and earrings that sparkle with femininity.

Qeelin combines the beauty of art with jewellery-making expertise to bring a fresh perspective to oriental aesthetics, updating tastes for a modern, global audience that appreciates superlative craftsmanship and contemporary designs based on traditional symbols of joy and positivity.

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