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RIMOWA unveils HAMMERSCHLAG, a new collection inspired by its archives

24 Jun, 2024

Since its inception in 1898, RIMOWA has been a pioneer, seamlessly blending form and function into visionary tools of mobility. Within its archives lies a testament to this unwavering pursuit of excellence. Now, in honour of this heritage, the German Maison is pleased to introduce Hammerschlag, a new collection inspired by an iconic archival design from the brand’s rich history.

Built with its legacy of craftsmanship in mind, the new collection draws inspiration from the past, featuring a distinctive surface referred to as ‘Hammerschlag’, a German term meaning ‘hammer hit’. Beyond its ability to capture and reflect light, the textured aluminium was beloved for its gleaming polished surface, a stark contrast to the matte finishes prevalent in the early industry. Now, the archival piece gets a timely comeback with the RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag.

To celebrate the launch, RIMOWA turns its eye to the realm of music, drawing connections to the cases’ unique pattern and the rhythmic motions of piano keys that produce sound. At the heart of the campaign is the renowned German musician and composer Nils Frahm, presenting a captivating performance of his track ‘Hammers’ in Berlin, with each note resonating with the repetitive yet nuanced movements that bring both music and design to life. Casting a spotlight on the piano’s hammers in the film, the campaign masterfully contrasts the renowned craftsmanship synonymous with RIMOWA and the world of music, revealing a harmony in the intricate maneuvers often needed to attain subtlety.

Our archives are a constant source of inspiration, and we’re proud to be able to breathe new life into designs that defined our legacy. We’re excited for the return of Hammerschlag, and to celebrate it with Nils Frahm on board is a big honour. The craftsmanship behind his music holds up a mirror to our values at RIMOWA, making this partnership truly special,” says Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert.

Nils Frahm adds: “I am delighted to be part of a new campaign for a widely recognised German brand like RIMOWA. Their products are known for being durable, high quality, and iconic. That is precisely what I always try to portray with my music.

Made in Germany and featuring new functionalities, the limited-edition collection maintains a vintage appeal, featuring a re-edition of an archival 1966 RIMOWA Hammered Hand Case’s handle in a Cognac hue. Inside, the Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag, feature a one-of-a-kind premium nylon interior adorned with a curved leather-made zipped compartment on its divider, with two hooks that further emphasise its archival inspiration.

The new releases come with a specially designed curved Luggage Tag that mimics the shape of leather elements within the suitcase’s interior. The Cognac-coloured Luggage Tag is also emblazoned with a newly designed 1898 stamp that nods to the Maison’s founding in Cologne.

The limited-edition collection is set to be released in numbered pieces inscribed on a leather patch inside. The collection is made of 966 RIMOWA Hand-Carry Cases. From 22 June to 7 July, the RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag will be exclusively available at RIMOWA Harbour City store.

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