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Show off your “mini-me” with 40 kids fashion brands this summer!

25 May, 2018

Parents always find it fun to try new looks for their kids than for themselves. As the hot season appraoches it’s time to say goodbye to net shopping and bring your little loved ones out for a total makeover—With over 40 kids fashion brand, Harbour City acts like a super wardrobe for your kids and nurtures you with the latest trend!

For this outdoor season, many designers took inspiration from the mother nature, farm and festivals as an ode to summer. While checker shirt and denim allover feature a touch of casualness and freedom, Little MO&Co. and Molo combined vivid colors with fun prints such as vegetables, small floral patterns and animals. A mesh dress adds a boost of cuteness and happy mood, which makes it an ultimate essential for this outdoor summer party.

Another fantastic idea to dress up your kids with elegant styles. In 2018, Stella McCartney Kids Spring Summer 2018 collection sees the introduction of a selection of special occasion styles. Ralph Lauren sets your boy apart from the crowd with the smart-casual look of blazer with shorts. For small ladies, Kids21 features Luna Luna’s signature mesh dress collection, ensuring your girl’s dream of becoming a princess come true.

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