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The makeup product line from the prestigious Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo has been rapidly embraced by the masses since its launch. In 2024, Sulwhasoo has further upgraded its Perfecting Cushion to the 4th generation. The brand has also extended its natural and healthy skincare aesthetic to its lip makeup, introducing the new Glowing Lip Balm and Perfecting Lip Color.

Sulwhasoo’s NEW Perfecting Cushion & Perfecting Cushion Airy – Effortless, Flawless, Healthy Radiance all at once

Sulwhasoo has launched its Perfecting Cushion and Perfecting Cushion Airy, a set of products that contain key ingredients of its First Care Activating Serum*. This promotes beautiful and healthy looking skin, bringing about a naturally luxurious glow, texture and tone with just one touch. It provides all-day moisture retention, and its improved texture ensures a thinner yet more complete layer of coverage.

Meanwhile, the newly designed cushion is a work of art in its own right. The sides feature unique irregular curves, and the front is emblazoned with the Sulwhasoo logo in mother-of-pearl, reflecting your skin like a mirror. The mother-of-pearl—as ever-changing as light itself—reflects Sulwhasoo’s aesthetic philosophy, that is, a respect for individual beauty, which always has an indefinable quality.

Glowing Lip Balm & Perfecting Lip Color Unleash the Beauty Power of Your Lips

The Glowing Lip Balm and the Perfecting Lip Color help reduce dryness, flaking, chapping, and other problems associated with moisturizing lips with the nourishing properties of ginseng seed oil. These products also feature Sulwhasoo Master ComplexTM, the identical ingredient found in the 6th Generation First Care Activating Serum, improving skin’s rejuvenating power.

The Perfecting Lip Color offers a naturally vibrant color that blends with your lip color to add brightness and shimmer, making your overall complexion look healthier and more radiant. It contains 92% skincare ingredients for healthier color care with every application. With its moisture magnet effect, it draws in moisture from the environment, ensuring prolonged lip hydration, while also working to gently smooths away dead skin cells, leaving your lips soft and smooth.

The Glowing Lip Balm is inspired by the Moon Jar, the design motif of Sulwhasoo with its packaging mimicking the elegant contours and texture of a glazed Moon Jar. This mindfulness transforms it into a captivating and visually appealing object.

The Perfecting Lip Color crafted from chrome boasts a unique, manually shaped design that reflects sunlight shimmering on waves, creating a captivating effect from various perspectives. Combined with the Perfecting Cushion that captures the ever-changing hues of natural mother-of-pearl, the Perfecting Lip Color serves as an embodiment of radiant style and beauty.

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