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Sustainable Fashion Pieces For The Eco-Minded

22 Aug, 2022

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s a way of living that consists of eco-conscious choices. In a world filled with fast fashion and runway collections throughout the year, many brands are now taking a leading role in ethical production to create sustainable apparel, accessories, and everything in between – all housed under one roof at Harbour City, to work towards a more eco-friendly world.

From corn starch to cool tees

The scorching heat of summer reminds us to rethink the way we approach fashion. It’s time to invest in quality materials that last through fashion cycles.

Atsuro Tayama’s Summer Cool Tee Collection shifts out of the conventional artificial textiles extracted from petroleum and moves into the revolutionary fabrics fermented from corn starch. Both energy consumption and carbon emission from producing the “SORONA” Cool Touch Fabric are significantly reduced, making the collection a renewable and environmentally friendly one.

As an added bonus, when one puts on the garment, the perceived temperature drops by 3-5℃ to create a much-welcome cooling feeling in warmer months.

From plants to denim

Celebrate the love for nature with the returning Levi’s® x GANNI collection. Inspired by Mother Nature, the 8-piece collection is made with at least 55% certified organic cotton. Using water-saving techniques, the natural dyes from plants and minerals also minimize the harmful pollutants released into the ocean.

From baggy jeans and midi dresses to tops and blouses, the natural-hued and responsibly made collection is all about relaxed silhouettes that are perfect for a summer party in the backyard. An extended size range is also available to add to the responsible practices.  


100% Recycled Denim and Re:Down® insulation

Tommy Jeans presents Tommy Collection by Tommy Jeans featuring reinterpreted streetwear fits with archive sports signifiers whilst staying true to Tommy Jeans’ sustainability ethos. The new hero piece for Fall, the Alaska puffer, is introduced in modular or reversible constructions filled with Re:Down® insulation. Brand keeps the commitment to sustainability with 100% recycled denim, this time featuring natural indigo dye.

From nylon to bags

Our love for nature extends to the garden that blooms with colorful flowers. One of the founders of Finnish and Scandinavian design, Marimekko is known for more than its splashy floral motifs, but its commitment in sustainability that originates from Finland’s hand-me-down culture from mothers to daughters.

Marimekko commits to a modular style – where pieces can be incorporated seamlessly from collection to collection, like how a capsule wardrobe is built to reduce our carbon footprint. The Pre-Fall Collection is no exception.

Among other items from the range made with such sustainable alternatives as cupro, responsibly sourced wool, organic cotton, and recycled nylon, the Wear All Day Bag is a functional one with zipper closure and an adjustable shoulder strap to make it a versatile companion for all occasions.

From scraps to snazzy

Next time you consider getting a new item, take it up a notch and look at the new narratives it offers. The iconic Le Pliage® range by Longchamp sees a new, purposeful addition of the Re-Play Bag Collection – another timeless one that stays relevant long after the season is over.

Each of the tote bags, shoulder bags, and belt bags from the range upcycles two different colors of the end-of-roll nylon left over from previous collections, with a third color of leather trim to breathe new lives into stocks of canvas that would have otherwise gone to waste.


From recycled plastic to trusty travel gear

If you’re on a hunt for a durable and stylish suitcase for your next long-awaited trip, invest in one that lasts to create less waste.

Made with recycled polycarbonate shell, the Spectra 3.0 Series by Victorinox is designed with sustainability in mind. The eco-friendly luggage features the brand’s Stabilizing Technology and recycled SILVADUR™ antimicrobial lining so you can roam around worry-free.

Lowering our carbon footprint is not as challenging as we thought. Take it one eco-conscious decision at a time as you discover the mindfully designed collections, all available at Harbour City.  

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