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“The ART-CADE”@Harbour City

09 Mar, 2019

PAPERTRONICS – A Playful Collaboration with European Artists

Combines Art and Gaming in a Unique Arcade Experience

Have you ever dreamt of time travelling? Celebrating the “Art Month” of March, Harbour City will bring its concept of “Art in Life” into the world of children. For the first time in Hong Kong, Harbour City invited French artist Jérémie Cortial and Belgian artist Roman Miletitch to turn Atrium G/F, Ocean Terminal into a 80s-inspired arcade, “The ART-CADE”. From 9-31 March, “The ART-CADE” will feature the playful art experience of PAPERTRONICS, taking children and adults alike into the fantasy world that combines art and gaming.


Through multiple interactive art installations, the artists hope to encourage children to unleash their creativity and create their own paths in the game instead of being a passive participant. “The ART-CADE” will also take children back to the time when going to the arcade is a social, communal experience with friends, before smartphones and tablets came along.

FLIPPAPER – Create your own pinball game

FLIPPAPER is an innovative pinball machine created by the artists. Gamers need to draw and create their own pinball experience. With different colouring pens, children can draw shapes and routes to design their unique pinball game (the blue pen represents the back wall, green for acceleration, red for bounce and yellow for score). Press scan, the drawing lights up and it’s ready for challenge!

PAPERTRONICS – Paper-based mini games

Also available on site are three mini-games developed with the PAPERTRONICS system where children can create their own game with colouring pens and a piece of white paper. The games are not limited to one player, but friends can join and co-create a field for the game. Once connected with a classic game handle, it’s ready to go!


“The ART-CADE” @Harbour City

Date: 9-31 March 2019
Time: 1pm/ 2pm/ 3pm/ 4pm/ 5pm/ 6pm/ 7pm  (each session is about 45 minutes)
Venue: Atrium G/F Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Participants: Aged 4 or above (Limited to one accompanying adult)
To participate: Donate $1* or more (Limited availability)

*All proceeds from the event will be donated to Early Psychosis Foundation.

Artists Bio
Jérémie Cortial is a French artist born in Lyon. His work focuses on using drawing as a medium to understand the virtual and real worlds in the future. Roman Miletitch is an acclaimed digital artist born in Belgium. His recent focus is on analyzing the relationship between human behaviors and emotions. The two artists combine art, technology and interactive creativity in the system of PAPERTRONICS. With paper, pens and various materials, players can create their own game and bring art to life with the help of technology.