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Top Picks To Delight Every Mom and Her Baby

22 Sep, 2020

Welcoming a new member to your family is the greatest joy of life. As you’re counting down to the day when you finally meet this tiny, precious one, we’ve gathered all the essentials you need to get ready for your bundle of joy.

?Dress to impress 

Whether it’s patterned rompers or adorable onesies, only cute designs and velvety-soft materials can make the cut.

Dress your cutie-pie up in pink. Momonittu’s dress comes with a dainty pocket in the front, where the detachable kitten peeks out. The tutu skirt at the bottom adds an even more girly touch for the little ballerina-to-be.


The ultra-delicate skin of newborns requires mindful clothing choices. Petit Bateau specializes in organic baby apparel that is made with sustainably sourced cotton. The extensive range spreads from Bonnet and Mittens Sets, Rib Knit Sleeping Bags, to various clothing items, all of which are free from GMOs and pesticides.

@Petit Bateau
@Petit Bateau

Bring a sweet sense of Spanish elegance into your little one’s wardrobe. NANOS’ latest collection sends a celestial narrative presented in baby pink and blue, with hints of beige tones throughout. Watch as your tot wobbles around in miniature Mary Janes and be ready to have a good giggle.

@NANOS – The collection will be available in Oct

Delight your baby – or yourself, with Ralph Lauren Childrenswear’s range of playful babygrows. From the iconic polo bear printed onesies, to the knitted coveralls that keep them warm through this fall and winter, a mini wardrobe upgrade is in order.

@Ralph Lauren Childrenswear

Your runway-sweetheart-to-be is going to love the unmistakably Versace Borocco Edera Print Rompers and Dresses. The Medusa is reimagined as a watercolor painting, fully inspiring the kids’ creative side, and these are just perfect for fall.


Keeping the classic American cool, Tommy Hilfiger Kids’ latest drop holds onto its signature color scheme with country-inspired preppy twists added, to match the little adventurers as they frolic in the breezy autumn weather.

@Tommy Hilfiger Kids

?Milestones to remember

Keep that cute baby bum soft and dry with Bulu Buddies’ Supreme Diaper. The ultra-thin seven-layer core structure ensures your little one sleeps comfortably through the night.

It starts with the 360-degree smart waistband, which provides a snug but comfy fit that stays on. The moisture-lock mesh layer absorbs fluid on contact and stays dry for a long time. The trusted leakage protection extends to the Pull-pull Pants, which are available in three larger sizes to get your little one through the transition from an infant to a toddler. The Pull-pull Pants feature elasticized leg openings that are not the least bit restricting and are shaped to move with your curious toddler as he gets ready to explore the world.

@B51, LCX

The first steps your toddler takes mark an exciting new chapter. Help your little one walk confidently with the Le Toy Van Activity Walker, available at Book Castle. The multi-functional wooden walker engages the toddler with fun-filled games and vibrant colors. Themed around a beautiful garden with different animals, every side of the activity walker stimulates various senses and imagination. The handy fabric sling at the back serves as the prime seat for your toddler’s favorite toys so he can push his little buddies around too. Made from repurposed, sustainable wood, the toy is painted with non-toxic paints to put your child’s health and safety first.

@Book Castle

?Closest bond to cherish

Breastfeeding is the most intimate experience shared by a loving mama and her newborn. Yet it could sometimes be daunting for first-time moms.

LoveAmme Tailormade Pro Double Breast Pump is the first in the market that offers customizable pumping programs in a portable size. While pre-set modes are available, Individualised Breast Customised Programme can be selected for each individual breast. Custom-fit FlexSkin™ Breast Shields are also available for all breast shapes and sizes, even for moms with flat or inverted nipples.

Engineered with every mom’s comfort in mind, each of the Three-phase Expression Technology suctions comes with six cycles, from Stimulation, Expression, to Deep Expression. All of which mimic your baby’s deep and long sucking post-letdown to express milk more completely, efficiently, and in greater comfort. All exclusively available at Mothercare



?Carefree shopping experience 

On your next visit to Harbour City, whether the agenda is to get some baby gear, treat yourself to a wardrobe update, or to while away the afternoon, your retail therapy session is promised to be a hassle-free one, thanks to the four newly-revamped Nursery Rooms.

Each of the spacious rooms comes with an open area lined with padded changing tables, where thoughtful equipment such as electronic baby scales and baby wet wipe dispensers are all within easy reach. The wooden decor gives out an inviting and cozy ambiance, perfect for those who need some privacy for breastfeeding, or just to catch a breath.

Forgotten something? Simply approach one of the friendly staff at our Concierge, where complimentary stroller hire and baby nursing cover rental service are available.