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Hailing from Japan’s Inner Tsukiji Market, Umai SushiKan is committed to bringing local patrons nothing short of freshest ingredients and all umami flavors imaginable. In celebration of its new looks and as an appreciation of diners’ support throughout the years, Umai Sushikan has launched two Chef’s Recommendation Sets featuring seasonal sushi and yakitori.

Enticing skewers with local poultry

The Osusume Kushiyaki Koosu set includes an appetizer, 13 different Japanese skewers, chicken broth ramen, and dessert. Unfold your napkin and let the appetizer of the day kick-start the gastronomy journey for you.

The course is closely followed by an array of freshly prepared skewers, each curated to showcase the freshness of the ingredients, including yakitori 10 types featuring locally raised “three-yellow” chicken – with yellow beaks, skin, and feet.

Flavorful and tender meat is of course ideal to be seared with a house-special sauce to go with your favorite sake. But the flavors carry on to the other cuts of the chicken too.

Think minced chicken skewers made with chicken thigh and cartilage. The succulent combo is elevated with a mere dip into Japanese egg yolk to truly bring out that silky texture.

Chicken wings with a slight char, meaty chicken strips, flavorful chicken neck, fragrant leek and chicken, drumsticks, crispy chicken skin, chicken tail, as well as the heart and liver are all put to good use for a wholesome journey.

The chef is taking things up a notch with a salt-grilled Japanese A4 wagyu beef skewer — which is brought together by butter, soy sauce, and garlic. The medley is joined later by the tenderness of abalone from South Africa and the sweetness of whole tiger prawn.

If the prized shellfish leaves you craving for more, let a hearty bowl of chicken broth ramen hit that spot for you. Perfectly cooked ramen soaks up all the light chicken broth before it was topped with succulent chicken breast. The set also comes with an ice cream to complete your meal on a sweet note.


13-piece seasonal sushi platter

The Osusume Nigiri set, meanwhile, consists of an appetizer, 13 pieces of nigiri sushi, a hand roll, snapper soup or miso soup with clams, and dessert.

Umai SushiKan uses only the freshest seafood flown in directly from Japan on its menu, so your sushi platter is guaranteed to feature the fresh cuts available on the day to ensure no two visits are the same. Some of the expertly done classics that you can expect include prime fatty tuna, semi fatty tuna, sea urchin, and white shrimp, among other seasonal delicacies.

Chase your meal with a hand roll and the choice between a snapper soup or miso soup with clams before the dessert is served.

Complimentary heart-shaped sushi

From now until October 31, reserve any two of the Osusume Kushiyaki Koosu or Osusume Nigiri sets a day in advance to enjoy a complimentary heart-shaped sushi.

As delicious as it is visually pleasing, assorted seasonal seafood is formed into a romantic heart shape to celebrate any special occasions you desire.

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