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Wellness is an emerging global trend in recent years that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle on the body and mind; Real beauty is not achieved by simply using beauty products or putting emphasis on physical health, it is a joint effort to perfect your skin and physique.

The few things that “Wellness” and “Beauty” have in common are “Rose”, “Tea” and “Vegan”. You can find them in healthy food & drinks, as well as beauty products such as body, hair & skincare and makeup items. Scroll down to learn more about the advantages of these star elements and products made of them, and let’s start a “Wellness Beauty” journey together!


Veganism has gained its popularity as one of the mainstream diets in recent years. Vegan diet contains high amount of dietary fibre, which is essential for weight control as it helps limit food intake by producing the feeling of fullness. Many fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties, which help delay the formation of wrinkles and spots, and keep your skin smooth! We have also talked about the benefits of reducing the amount of meat in one’s diet in improving overall health and skin conditions, especially skin inflammations such as pimples and acnes.

The beauty industry has also advocated the concept of “Vegan Beauty” in recent years, which means that no “animal-derived ingredients” are added and no animal tests are performed. Vegan products are friendly to both the environment and the skin, and rarely cause allergy.

It might damage the hair if you use styling hair spray constantly. Yet, it won’t be the case with the case with John Masters Organics’ Hair Spray, which is USDA certified organic and contains 95% or more organic content, including organic aloe vera leaf juice, acacia senegal gum and bergamot oil. It hydrates and nourishes hair while delivering an all-day hold with a light, citrus scent, and no flaky residue. As for daily hair care, if you wish to strengthen and instantly thicken the hair, try AVEDA’s Invati Advanced™ Collection, which is vegan, silicone-free and 94% naturally derived.

Those who tend to pamper the skin and hair with organic products must be fans of LUSH. Dream Cream Body Lotion has the consistency of cool liquid silk, and feels softer than a gentle oat milk rain. As the combination of calming chamomile, organic, extra virgin olive oil and organic cocoa butter of Fair Trade, it’s light, cooling and easily absorbed into the skin.

Determined to safeguard animal welfare, Clarins has launched My Clarins, its very first range of skincare products for millennials, with a set of “Vegan-Friendly” standards. Designed to nourish, energise and soothe your skin with a recipe of over 88% natural plant ingredients, My Clarins RE-BOOST Hydrating Cream for dry skin comforts and hydrates the skin all day long, while refining and smoothing skin’s texture. And just as you know, a fully hydrated skin usually has smaller pores!

Makeup-wise, Too Faced is no doubt the face of “Vegan”. With the slogan “Always cool, never cruel”, the brand is among the first makeup brands that became dedicated to cruelty-free beauty. Its hero Born This Way Foundation, is natural not only in the sense of ingredients, but the finish, leaving the skin perfect-looking every day like you haven’t even put on any make up!


Tea, a fragrant and aromatic drink that is loved by everyone, encompasses a special chemical compound called Tea Polyphenols, which is the key to better health with benefits including anti-aging, antibacterial, sterilisation and detoxification. Many popular skincare products do contain tea ingredients. Different teas have different effects. For example, green tea and black tea can neutralize free radicals in the body and help with age-delay, while white tea can effectively protect collagen and help fight wrinkles.

Fully extracted from the vintage green tea harvested from Jeju Dolsongi Tea Garden, AMOREPACIFIC’s VINTAGE SINGLE EXTRACT ESSENCE goes through 50 days of fermentation in nature before getting transferred to traditional Jeju earthenware and aged for another 50 days in nature. After 100 days of waiting, green tea is reborn as Vintage Tea Leaf™ rich in precious Catechins with excellent anti-oxidant effect to restore skin’s own strength and vitality, improving texture, resilience, and clarity in the skin.


Girls love roses as they symbolise beauty. As a beauty ingredient, it can be found in many different skin and body care products with a soothing and calming function. It moisturizes, purifies and tones the skin, keeping the complexions clear.

Suggested by its name, Chantecaille’s Rose de Mai Pure Rosewater is produced of roses discovered from the Rose de Mai field in Grasse, with artesian well-water and 100% of the Rose de Mai’s petal. Full of essential oils and healing benefits, each petal is loaded with Vitamin C and anti-aging powers. And vegans can feel free to use as it is without animal or mineral derivatives, cruelty-free, lanolin-free and petrochemical-free. Use it to soothe dry or agitated skin or set makeup upon completion. What’s more, you can spray on pillows to relax and tame flyaway hair!

Lancôme. As a combination of Neurocalm dermo-soothing complex (extracts of French rose and peony) and Centella Asiatica leaves, the Hydra Zen Anti-stress Moisturizing Cream-Gel soothes 96% of skin discomfort, as it infuses skin with intense moisture, leaving the skin naturally calm and tender all day long.

Left: Jurlique Softening Rose Shower Gel, HK$230/HK$300ml & Right: POLA PENSÉE DE BOUQUET BODY EMULSION MOISTURE TREATMENT, HK$250/230g

Rich in pure organic botanicals and free from harsh chemicals, Jurlique delivers luxurious Softening Rose Shower Gel that softly cleanses and replenishes your skin. This gentle soap-free shower gel leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed with moisturising extracts of pure Rose petals, while soothing your senses with an incredibly uplifting scent.

After shower, put on PENSÉE DE BOUQUET BODY EMULSION MOISTURE TREATMENT from POLA and keep the skin soft and dewy! This non-sticky body cream pleasantly blends into the skin, and offers a lingering and elegant fragrance of refreshing rose, narcissus, and magnolia, getting you into a good mood.

To further promote the concept of “Wellness Beauty” and share the benefits of “Rose”, “Tea” and “Vegan” with those who can’t wait to embrace a healthy, beautiful life, Harbour City proudly presents “Beauty Mart”, Hong Kong’s very first local market that incorporates these three core elements, bringing you a wide range of thematic exclusive & best-selling products. Don’t forget to check in at the dreamy swing chair photo spot and join the “Wellness Beauty” capsule goody draw to feel the uplifting magic!

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