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Wholesome Fun In Town

27 Oct, 2020

Join us this fall, to venture into the new terrains of gift ideas, fashion accessories, and international cuisines, at LCX.

To your stomach’s content

Be sure to work up your appetite before you go in. The battle with Kitaro begins!

Greeting the diners on the glass panel of Kinabaji is mascot Kitaro himself, with his signature bowl cut and pitless stomach. Kinabaji’s menu screams innovative creations that are truly East-meets-West, with most items infusing Korean flavors.

Kick off your gourmet battle with Kitaro with the signature Beef Tartare. The melt-on-your-tongue tartare is perfectly balanced by the crunch of fresh veggies lined underneath, while the poached egg brings all the flavors together with a velvety touch.

While the Beef Tartare would make a delightful appetizer to share with your foodie friends, you’re not going to share what comes next. The Cheese Flooded Kimchi Burger is a hearty heaven for cheese fanatics, with a spicy kick from the restaurant’s homemade kimchi.

The brightly lit restaurant also gets you a frontrow seat to be mesmerized by the unobstructed views of Victoria Harbour. So make sure to grab a table by the window to enjoy the perfect cityscape backdrop. Okay, we’ll admit, it’s partly for the ‘gram too – natural lighting is always your #foodgram feeds’ best friend.

Ladies, add this to your wishlist!

Autumn is finally here. Besides waving our official buh-byes to scorching heat and insane humidity, a wardrobe update might just be the part we love most.

The perfect way to subtly spruce up an outfit is through a pair of shoes. ORiental TRaffic’s 22nd store in the Hong Kong and Macau region has landed in LCX. First made popular in Tokyo, the Japanese footwear label’s prolific appearance sweeps fashion circles worldwide. Looking chic and elegant is of course desirable, yet it’s always comfort that is here for the long haul. And that is what defines ORiental TRaffic, which comes with its own VIP Scheme, that provides shopping perks and top lift replacement services.

Available from sizes 33 to 43, an exciting array of shoe styles include cocktail pumps, weekend sandals, casual espadrilles, and boots that show off your legs, all presented in different finishes to make sure you dazzle in any occasion. It’s almost impossible to leave the shoe paradise empty-handed.  

Sweet treats

It’s October and that means trick-or-treating is next on our fun agenda.

Watch out for a supersized candy bracelets frame and your inner child will be in for a treat. The ever-so-familiar Spun Candy colorway and faint sweet scents wafting from the store are going to transport you to a candy heaven.

Founded by James Ellender in 2013, Spun Candy specializes in candies made in small batches by hand. All of its confectioneries are curated by artisans in the heart of London, combining fresh fruits with the finest vegetarian and vegan-friendly ingredients. Many of the Brits’ favorites such as honeycombs, fruit jellies, brittles, and fudges are all available in the Hong Kong store too. While you’re there, why not up the ante by personalizing the lollipops and wow the biggest sweet-toothed foodies in your life?

It’s never too early to fill your Jack O’lantern candy bucket, but with Spun Candy’s so many tantalizing choices on offer, you may want to get extra in case you can’t resist the temptations to finish all before the end of month.

Look closer

Another nifty trick to change things up is through accessories, and we’re totally obsessed with the eye candies by SNRD.

SNRD, the abbreviated form of “Second Round,” is a highly sought-after Korean eyewear brand that encourages wearers to express themselves on life’s second battleground of fashion. It’s not hard to spot SNRD’s frames and sunnies in major sports events and on the faces of Korean pop stars in movies. Yet the athleisure styles translate to high street chic seamlessly too.

The neon SNRD sign, skateboards on display, and bold graffitis pop against the yellow and black storefront at LCX. The eclectic jumble of slightly rebellious hints runs wild in the store and we love it!  

French guardian angel

Shopping for an expectant mother could be hard. While you can’t go wrong with cute baby outfits and practical gadgets, sending a guardian angel is definitely going to delight every mom-to-be.

French jeweler ILADO has spread their celestial wings to Hong Kong, sending love and blessings to moms-to-be and their precious ones. Taken from the ancestral tradition of Mayan culture, ILADO’s maternity bell necklace goes beyond decorative purposes but to create bonds between a mother and her baby.

According to a Mayan legend, as the dangling bell gently caresses the belly, the soothing chimes it creates summon a guardian angel, hence the nickname “Angel Caller” is given to the pendant.

A sense of serenity emits when one rolls the bell onto her belly. The necklace can be hung over the baby’s cradle or sewn into a comforter after the baby is born, making it such a thoughtful keepsake.

Make sure to visit our five new stores at LCX on your next visit to Harbour City, to shop, dine, and indulge in style.

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