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Homegrown ‘Girl Power’ beauty brand Woke Up Like This (WULT) is celebrating its new shop opening in the prestigious Harbour City – with new and exciting launches of Romanticize Your Life Sheer Dab Collection, debut WULT MADE fashion accessories, as well as Lash Lift Together Treatment. Created by Hong Kong beauty influencers Jenn Lam (@PumpkinJenn) and Tawnia Lai (@thebabygirlo) in 2019, WULT offers green and glamorous color cosmetics delivered through vegan formulas and the concept of girl power! Along with promoting sister brand SKIN NEED, WULT aims to bring clean and cruelty-free beauty for all, marrying function, performance and fun.

Other than skin care, garments are the closest items to the skin. The WULT MADE Collection is a series of limited edition clothing and fashion accessories created by the all-girls WULT design team and made lovingly in Hong Kong, to pamper the skin and soul of Gal Pals – just like what WULT cosmetics do – so they can wear with much love and pride.

Harbour City Exclusive: Lash Lift Together Beauty Treatment

The WULT Harbour City concept store offers a unique one-stop beauty service and shopping experience to Gal Pals, and would not be complete without a stellar aesthetics service! The Lash Lift Together is a fast and fuss-free treatment for naturally fuller brows and lashes using a keratin lash solution from Canada combined with our unique brow and lash maneuvering technique. It produces more naturally-looking effects and easier to maintain lashes compared to applying false eyelashes, and the result is brighter and more charming eyes easily enhanced with a simple stroke of mascara for a touch of glamour!

About WULT Beauty

The California-made and Hong Kong-based beauty brand Woke Up Like This was launched in 2019, promoting self-love and positive energy through vegan and environmentally-friendly cosmetic and beauty products in partnership with skincare brand SKIN NEED.

All brand products are manufactured in partnership with SKIN NEED in an ISO 22716 certified laboratory in California. The vegan SKIN NEED brand curates an extensive line of over 40 formulas that can be mixed, matched and blended for customizing personal skin care to changing climates and environments.

Formulas combine science with nature, incorporating high-tech ingredients such as peptides, plant-based stem cells and botanical growth factors with herbs known for skin care benefits such as edelweiss, bamboo, ginkgo and ginseng. Certified organic, biodegradable and non-GMO materials are used wherever possible, promoting wellness in harmony with nature.

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