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A SUR MESURE Extravaganza:
Digital Personalization in Full Swing

19 Oct, 2023

Highly anticipated every year, YSL BEAUTÉ’s annual party has always been the talk of the town beauty event. Last year, the brand ventured into the realm of virtual reality by organizing the first-ever beauty X music metaverse party. A new chapter in digital interactive beauty is unveiled with unprecedented success.

This year, YSL BEAUTÉ is making a remarkable return from online to real live scene. To mark the first physical beauty party in three years, YSL BEAUTY ZONE finally comes to Hong Kong following Chengdu and Dubai. Leading the trend of personalized smart makeup, this annual event utilizes cutting-edge technology to craft extraordinary surprises.

YSL BEAUTY ZONE will take place from 17th to 23rd October, 2023, at the entrance lobby of Ocean Terminal in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. This year’s party theme draws inspiration from personalized smart makeup artistry to offering a completely individualized and customizable makeup experience. It is all about embracing the allure of SUR MESURE, where you can #pushyourboundaries with YSL BEAUTÉ.

Entering the Digital Interactive Beauty Universe of YSL BEAUTÉ

As soon as you step into the party venue, every YSL Girl and Boy is captivated by the iconic Cassandre emblem. Heading straight to the SUR MESURE digital interactive photo spot, customized messages can be created with your name being projected to the wall.  Within seconds, a dazzling piece of social media content will be created exclusively for you to share online right away. This is just the beginning of this personalized smart makeup party.


Unlock the SUR MESURE Smart Personalized Samples Vending Machine in an instant

As you enter SUR MESURE, prepare to be enchanted by the most captivating area of the event –Smart Personalized Samples Vending Machine. Immersing in revolutionary beauty technology, this extraordinary machine will customize makeup and skincare sachets in an instant, tailored precisely to your unique skin conditions and daily makeup preferences.  Continuing the couture legacy of YSL, you are empowered to select an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience kit. YSL BEAUTÉ has been a trend-setter in the fusion of high fashion and cutting-edge beauty experiences. By adopting leading-edge digital systems, personalized shopping and bespoke beauty adventures is integrated seamlessly.

Indulge yourself in the Product SUR MESURE Zone

The immersive beauty journey continues in the Product SUR MESURE Zone. Here it showcases YSL BEAUTÉ’s 2023 leading products in makeup, skincare, and fragrance franchise, and allow YSL Girls and Boys indulge themselves in the world of YSL BEAUTÉ.

[Brand New] Rouge Pure Couture: Exclusive Pre-sale of Selected Hot Shades with New Couture Formula and Packaging

Renowned for its pure color, pure care, and pure couture, Rouge Pure Couture makes a dazzling return this year with an new formula, new couture pack, and new expertly curated shade range.  It disrupts the satin game with a shade range developed for all skin tones and attitudes. The formula contains 80% smoothing lip care base^ packed with ceramides, tuberose, and prickly pear extracts from the YSL Ourika Community Gardens which provides up to 16 hours protection and comfort feel*. The new fashion-forward packaging truly embodies the spirit of YSL.

At the YSL BEAUTY ZONE, the selected shades of #N8 and #Rouge Muse will make their debut for exclusive pre-sale.  It will undoubtedly ignite sensation among the participants.

^Referring to the base formula ingredients of lip care products.
*Self-assessment by 300 women after 14 days of use.

Le Cushion Encre de Peau
Innovating natural formulas while passing on legacy of timeless makeup

YSL Beauté continues to push the boundaries by rewriting the rules of perfect foundation with a 94% natural-origin formula and 81% skincare base. Introducing the upgraded version of the lightweight, feather-light cushion foundation for all-day hydration, seamless coverage, and the legendary luminous matte you know and love, an exceptional makeup look with perfection is assured.  Infused with high-performance skincare ingredients and a slimmer, more streamlined design and a new dual-sided sponge and applicator duo, a flawless base makeup is now at your fingertips.

Unleashes the Rejuvenating Power of Moonlight Cactus Flower

Harnessing nature, powered by science, Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum unveils a new chapter in Night Skin Age Repair. Its unique, ultra-finetexture combines 1/3 oil phase and 2/3 water essence which results in a breakthrough dual-texture formula for an enhanced nighttime skincare experience. The star ingredient, Moroccan Moonlight Cactus Extract, known as the ‘Queen of the Night,’ is composed with 35 molecules like antioxidants and polysaccharides to deliver four major antioxidant benefits^. It helps skin cells recharge by up to 43%¹, while achieving effects similar to melatonin². Topping up with the gentle yet effective properties of glycolic acid, it aids in promoting skin renewal overnight, removing dead skin cells, providing immediate and sustained fatigue-fighting benefits, and building the skin’s golden repair period.  Wake up to a more refreshed complexion the next morning.

¹In vitro test in keratinocytes wound healing model
²In vitro test on ingredient, 36hours
^Anti O2 activity, Anti OH activity, SOD-Like activity, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity

Libre – Exquisite Perfumery Art

Ultimate luxurious Fragrance with Masculine Structure and an Ultra-Feminine Heart

LIBRE ABSOLU PLATINE, a new creation authored by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm, amps up LIBRE Eau de Parfum’s signature tension between masculine and feminine, cool and hot, and force and frisson.  Radiant like precious platinum, this new fragrance interprets floral aromatic with a daring and unconventional approach through a fresh white lavender accord. Its aroma is rich and intense, taking you on an exploration of couture floral scents that are both steamy and icy, delivering an ultimate and intense experience.

All Exclusive: Limited Edition Gift Wrapping and Personalized Services

YSL BEAUTY ZONE 2023 proudly presents the ‘MAKE IT YOURS Personalization Zone.’ This year, YSL BEAUTÉ has thoughtfully designed four exclusive engraving patterns, including lip prints, stars, hearts, or your loved one’s name. YSL GIRLS + BOYS can purchase the various limited-edition perfume and lipstick sets at the zone, enjoying an exclusive couture UVPRINT service. Additionally, you can choose the limited-edition Dare for Gold gift box packaging to create an absolutely personalized and exclusive gift.

All YSL Girls & Boys are welcome to join the annual extravaganza, YSL BEAUTY ZONE and experience the personalized services of SUR MESURE. The party’s online registration will commence on October 6, 2023. Click on the link now to reserve your place for the party and let’s #pushtheboundaries.

 “YSL BEAUTY ZONE” POP-UP STORE at Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City
Date: 17-23 Oct, 2023
Venue: Entrance Lobby, Harbour City Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui