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We provide a cozy environment filled with the scent of Gardenia (Frangipani) to make our customers feel relaxed and reborn. We hope that Hong Kong people with a fast-paced life can feel away from the hustle and bustle in the bustling city and enjoy authentic health massage treatments. All massage services in our store are provided by local Thai masters. We are deeply inspired by the local massage culture in Thailand. Customers feel as if they are in Bangkok.

The Tsim Sha Tsui branch also offers a variety of exclusive and limited items, including facial treatments, Thai natural herbal lime foot bath, four-hand ancient Thai full-body massage, among which the Lava shell warming rock shell massage is the hotel’s flagship selection. Using warm shells to massage the whole body can help to promote the smooth flow of meridians, while soothing the tense deep muscles, eliminating fatigue and purifying the body and mind.

“Be kind to yourself: Nurture your body, mind and soul.”

Featured Items:

Lava shell massage (Harbour City Exclusive)

The temperature-sensitive rock shells are heated with natural mineral black, lava, and dry sea

baths. The temperature will be maintained at 42 to 45 degrees, and massage the acupoints of

the whole body with fragrant organic essential oils. Soothe tense deep muscles, eliminate fatigue

and purify the body and mind.

We invite you to embark on a comprehensive sensory journey on “Gardenia” to rediscover the body, A harmonious pattern of thought and soul. A spiritual healing ritual that restores your physical balance and inner harmony.

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