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The first “Hong Kong” City Sign: A Captivating New Artistic Landmark and Tourist Destination

Mar 21, 2024

Harbour City invited artist, Camille Walala to design the first-ever Hong Kong City Sign, titled “Now You See It Now You Don’t”, which stands at a height of 3m and stretches a width of 6.5m. From the perspective of a foreign tourist, in the eyes of both an artist and a designer, Camille has outlined the unique silhouette of the city. With the blue of the Harbour as its primary tone, the City Sign echoes with the cityscape in various ways, including the overlapping sculptural letters resembling the dense skyline and the tile-like texture in parallel with the mosaic tiles found in old buildings.

Drawing influence from optical artworks by George Rousse, Camille adopted an anamorphic approach to the design of the art piece. Though each sculpture stands alone as a beautiful object, people can only read the letters of “HONG KONG” from a certain point of view, giving the City Sign its name “Now You See It Now You Don’t”.

Design highlights of “Now You See It Now You Don’t”

  • Blue of the Victoria Harbour as the primary tone of the design
  • Overlapping sculptural letters of various heights resemble the dense skyline
  • Wavy shape is in resonance with the waves of the Harbour
  • Relief design takes reference from the commercial buildings alongside the harbour
  • Tile-like texture is in parallel with the classic mosaic tiles
  • Grid patterns are like the façade of packed residential buildings

Hong Kong City Sign – “Now You See It Now You Don’t”
Date: From 21 March 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Ocean Terminal Deck