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Join “BeautiFOOD Day @Harbour City” to Get Free VITA Beauty Service Coupon to Enjoy Ultimate Relaxation Treatments at Half-Price

24 Apr–20 Jun, 2024

Experience the epitome of wellness at VITA – your ultimate destination for all things beauty and relaxation. VITA is a one-stop wellness hub located on levels 5 to 10 and 14 of World Commerce Centre at Harbour City, offering a comprehensive range of pampering options from over 20 beauty outlets.

From now until 20 June 2024, upon purchasing Harbour City Exclusive Dinner Menu (2 persons up) exclusively at Klook, you will get a Harbour City VITA Beauty Service Discount Coupon (one for each diner) for FREE! Enjoy 50% off any full-priced service upon presenting this coupon at designated beauty outlets at VITA, Harbour City.

At VITA, indulging in little moments of joy is at the core of your well-deserved me-time. From facials to holistic treatments such as haircare, body massages and manicures, VITA ensures you leave feeling rejuvenated from head to toe.


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Designated VITA Beauty Outlets:

Hair Spa by Leonor Greyl
The Leonor Greyl Hair Spa Treatments are a unique, personalized hair experience of exceptional quality. Each treatment starts with a close examination of the scalp and hair with a micro-viewer to determine the right treatment. Through the personalized hair spa treatment, all hair types undergo a spectacular transformation, to bring out the true elegance and glamour in your hair.


Address: Room 1016, Level 10, World Commerce Centre
Enquiry: 3107 0133

Hand and Foot-nail.SPA

Address: Room 1013, Level 10, World Commerce Centre
Enquiry: 6818 3610

Since its establishment in 2018, MiioBrow has been committed to the idea of “letting natural beauty be a choice” and has been dedicated to developing and creating semi-permanent makeup techniques that reflect the brand’s unique identity. Over the past few years, MiioBrow has become a professional benchmark in the semi-permanent makeup industry in Hong Kong and has sparked a trend in the market.

MiioBrow’s semi-permanent makeup technology can help enhance the contour depth of the skin and also creates a zero-makeup natural beauty that creates a truly natural and confident style. MiioBrow’s micro-needle technique brings a painless and delicate lock-color technology, creating natural colors and establishing an original self-confident type of beauty. The raw materials used by MiioBrow are all from Germany and the United States, insisting on using safe mineral pigments as color milk, leaving no heavy makeup traces.

MiioBrow’s semi-permanent makeup is natural-oriented, and whether it is a light or dark color system, it can create a natural feeling. With the use of advanced semi-permanent makeup technology, the makeup not only lasts a long time but also looks very natural, showing perfect results even in various lighting conditions.

Address: Room 1011, Level 10, World Commerce Centre
Enquiry: 2658 5313

An internationally renowned and beloved spa brand, THANN Sanctuary has always maintained its mission throughout the years: to provide customers with an authentic and restorative natural spa experience, resulting in clarity of mind and enhanced physical well-being. We indulge each visitor in delightful and nourishing aromas, allowing for a well-earned break of tranquillity from the frenetic hustle and bustle of the outside world.

We believe in the healing power of nature, and that everyone deserves access to it. THANN Sanctuary offers a series of proprietary treatments that apply the brand’s very own stress relieving natural essential oil. All of our aromatherapists are rigorously vetted and tested by the company headquarters in Thailand. Professionally trained, certified and equipped with years of experience and finesse, they support customers in restoring their inner serenity, identifying and releasing even the most subtle tensions and pressures.

THANN Sanctuary is an oasis where you can totally enjoy the effortless experience of being restored, refreshed and released – Simple and wholesome, as it should be.


Address: Room 1009-11, Level 10, World Commerce Centre
Enquiry: 3689 4391

Terms & Conditions of Beauty Service Discount Coupon

  • Coupon is valid from the booking confirmation date until 17 October 2024.
  • Coupon can only be used for full-priced service at designated beauty outlets in VITA, Harbour City, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers and discount.
  • Please enquire at designated beauty outlets for coupon usage details and terms. The details & terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Coupon is only applicable to new customers of designated beauty outlets. Each customer can only use the coupon for payment once at the same designated beauty outlet during the promotional period.
  • Advanced booking is required for using the coupon. Customers may enquire designated beauty outlet for available booking dates.
  • Coupon can only be used once.
  • Coupon must be presented before payment. No retrospective arrangement can be made.
  • Harbour City Estates Limited reserves the right to change the terms & conditions and the list of designated beauty outlets in relation to the use of the coupon without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Harbour City Estates Limited and the designated beauty outlets shall be the final.