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Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has announced the signing of Cai Xukun as brand ambassador in China. A singer and original music producer with unique talents and an unmistakable creative style, KUN has become one of the most popular musical artists in China. Partnering with Cai Xukun opens a new and exciting chapter for TAG Heuer in China.

As an artist, Cai Xukun is always striving to go beyond existing boundaries and express his passion in new ways. His drive is a perfect match for TAG Heuer’s long history of rewriting the rulebook and defying convention in the watchmaking industry. Naturally in KUN’s first TAG Heuer campaign, he showcases the brand’s boldest, most assertive collection: the TAG Heuer Monaco.

“We are delighted for Cai Xukun to join the TAG Heuer family as brand ambassador in China. He has demonstrated remarkable talent in songwriting and performing, he is incredibly athletic, truly daring and never stops challenging the limits, which is a mindset we share at TAG Heuer. China is a strategic market for our brand and we believe our collaboration with KUN will accelerate TAG Heuer’s development in the country.” says TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault.

“TAG Heuer’s spirit of avant-garde and unique style have an irresistible appeal to me. As a brand with a rich watchmaking heritage, TAG Heuer is also committed to innovation. Their pursuit of outstanding performance is something I recognize and believe in. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to starting a fearless journey with TAG Heuer” says Cai Xukun.

He is relentless in exploring all the possibilities in his own field. A creative and unconventional figure on the stage, KUN knows the importance of continuously perfecting his work. Always pushing the limits, being innovative and exploring all possibilities and opportunities, Cai Xukun is beloved by fans for his courage to take up challenges. He undoubtedly embodies TAG Heuer’s motto: “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”.

The TAG Heuer Monaco

From its introduction in 1969, the TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph has challenged traditional watchmaking with its fearless innovation. When virtually all chronographs were round, the Heuer Monaco was square, and the first to be housed in a waterproof case.

In May 2022, the innovative watch brand introduced a new special edition of the TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph to celebrate its illustrious past, enduring bond to motor racing and the legendary Monaco F1 Grand Prix. The new timepiece is a dramatic rendition inspired by a legendary Heuer Monaco of the 1970s constructed of DLC-coated titanium. Demonstrating the bold innovation of the TAG Heuer Monaco, this exclusive chronograph captures the mystique of one of the brand’s most iconic collections.

“I admire the fearlessness expressed by the TAG Heuer Monaco and am fascinated by its legend. ’Squaring the circle’ and moving the crown to the left had made it so special at that time. Today, the new editions inherit this unique spirit and continue reinventing the avant-garde,” said Cai XuKun.

With a strong and authentic foundation of shared values and character, Cai XuKun and TAG Heuer open a new chapter for the brand in China together. This thrilling new partnership kicks off with a bold creative campaign and will soon come to life in many more ambitious projects.

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