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Despite wearing masks, makeup can be a creative escape. Integrating these masks into our daily looks could be a fun project. Afterall, makeup is a form of art: it’s a way of expressing yourself and it challenges you to be more creative witheye makeup in terms of  shades, pigments and techiques. To make the best of the situation, play around with different eyeshadow colors, eyeliner shapes, and brow products. We’ve teamed up with makeup artists from beloved brands at Harbour City, including CHANEL BEAUTÉ, Armani Beauty, Guerlain, shu uemura, Tom Ford Beauty, and Too Faced, to help you get inspired for a range of occasions.

Work it Girl: Easy, Breezy, Office Looks

Looking your best often leads to feeling your best. When you feel your best, that’s when you put your best work forward. These looks follow the mantra of “less is more.” You don’t need a lot of makeup to make a noticeable difference. They’re very simple, minimal, and of course, office-appropriate.

Go-To Office Look #1: “Kissed by the Sun”

To achieve this comforting sun-kissed, natural look, all you need is four products. Start by sculpting your brows with Tom Ford Beauty’s Brow Sculptor for a full, defined brow. Lightly dust warm bronzed peachy hues onto the eyelids to create a radiant glow. Dot the lash line to create a barely-there liner and sweep on a coat of mascara.

Look #2: “Natural Ombre Glow”

For a soft ombre look, gently sweep warm shimmery nude tones from Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill Quads onto your eyelids; then add some definition with a cocoa colored satin finish. For a full fringe lash effect, apply mascara and draw a thin flick eyeliner. For the brows, draw strokes to mimic the “microblading” effect using a micro pencil tip.

Made You Look Meetings

Looking your best is a simple confidence booster which can be helpful for important meetings. Since most of your facial features will be hidden, eye contact is crucial. Go for something a little more eye catching, without feeling overly dramatic or too heavy.

Look  #3: “Keep it Classy”

Guerlain gives up tips on how to keep it classy. Illuminate the eye area with earthy nude shades emanating a refreshed and energetic vibe. Next, add a soft smoulder using the mineraly tones, but avoid using too much. Finish the eyes off with a top and bottom double up liner and lengthen the lashes with mascara. For the brows, opt for a lighter shade so the focus is drawn to the eyes.

Look #4: “Chic & Sophisticated”

Here’s another chic look to give you an extra boost of confidence by Armani Beauty. Use the cool hazel shimmery tones to create a sharp yet inviting feeling. Add definition and draw attention to the eyes with a sophisticated arabic liner. Outline the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner as well as the lower lash line. Lastly, apply mascara and fill in the brows. This look can easily be altered into a fierce smokey eye for happy hour or date night.

It’s Casual Friyay

Modify your Monday to Thursday look and show off your persona on casual Fridays. Switch up your makeup routine and show a little more of your personality. Find a balance between smart casual and fun and chic. We’re not suggesting a complete transformation, more so a refresh. If you have plans after work, these looks are super easy to transition from day to night. Just touch up with darker metallic shades, extra liner, mascara, and you’re ready to head from work straight into the weekend.

Look #5: ”Sakura Nudes”

This look created by shu uemura is all about mixing and matching nature-inspired nude tones from the new Chromatics Eyeshadow Palette in Sakura Nudes. Experiment with the clay pink hues, metallic coppers, and gradation of urban beiges and browns to add dimension and life to your look. Pair with a feline liner as well as a light-weight curling mascara.

Look #6: “Berry Sakura

GET THE LOOK: shu uemura Hard Formula, Chromatics Eyeshadow Palette In Sakura Nudes, Lasting Soft Gel Pencil Petal Lash Mascara

For another sakura-inspired look using the same shu uemura eyeshadow palette, use a mix of warm berry tones, sakura copper, and gold metallics on the eyelids. For the bottom lash line, apply the bronzed berry color. Draw a thick flick liner then wiggle the mascara from the bottom of your lashes to the ends to add volume.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Happy Hour Looks

Unwinding over drinks with friends is something we all look forward to. This is where you can truly be yourself and let your personality shine. Let your creativity run free and experiment with new makeup trends. Try mimicking celebrity makeup tips or something you saw on Instagram or YouTube. There are no restrictions and the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to commit to just one vibrant hue per look either. Dip into as my colors as you want and let your imagination go wild. Your eyes are a blank canvas. Just have fun with it!

Look #7: “Ocean Eyes”

Blue can be tricky, but it’s brilliant when done properly. These CHANEL BEAUTÉ “Ocean Eyes” are inspired by flowing water and the awakening of spring. Brighten the eyes with cool silky blue and sweet pearl grey ocean hues while creating depth with espresso eyeliner. Warm up the look with brown brows and minimal mascara.

Eye Love You: Modern Romance Looks

Date nights are always an excuse to play dress up. It’s always nice to do a little extra for that special someone. Change things up and show your partner another side of you by diverging from your regular go-to colors. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, make a lasting first impression with soft yet alluring eye shadow accents. We’re here to help and have come up with some flirty feminine looks to get you that second date.

Look #8: “Iridescent Pastel Watercolor”

For something feminine and flirtatious, try this iridescent look. Highlight your creative side and “paint” infinite color combinations using pastels and watercolors from Too Faced’s Pretty Rich Eye Palette. Choose contrasting shimmery nudes, peachy pinks, and cool metallics. Complete with a cateye or flicked eyeliner and fill in the brows with a chocolate eyebrow pencil.

Look #9: “Lilac Lust”

There’s something enduring, pure, and striking about these lusty lilac eyes, perfect for spring daytime dates. Outline the corner and bottom of the lash line with CHANEL BEAUTÉ‘s Les 4 Ombres Au Fil Des Fleurs sweet pearl pink then lightly layer the purple satin rosewood on top. Don’t go too heavy with the eyeliner, mascara, and brows, just enough of each to add definition.

Dewy No-Makeup Make-up Look: Fitness Looks

Getting fresh air and exercise is essential. Health is currently everyone’s number one priority. Getting out of the city and hiking to the nearest beach is one of the temporary escapes that we can look forward to. Get your sweat on while still maintaining a fresh dewy face. Depending on the level of activity, feel free to use less or skip some of the products if you prefer a natural look.

Look #10: “Nature’s Smoke”

Strive for that natural healthy glow, use Too Faced’s Born This Way Eye Palette, created to enhance skin tones. Start by applying a warmer shimmery tone such as Shimmering Pearl to the lid and inner lower lash line. Then blend in the taupe Seashell shade into the outer crease and lower lash line. For the smoky effect, take some of the Cocoa pigment into the lash line and lower lash line. Axfpply eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil.

Look #11: “Sporty Spice”

Cool and confident, this look suits those with a lively, energetic spirit. . For this look, we suggest a fuller yet natural looking brow shape. Going back to Tom Ford Beauty’s Eye Color Quad, sweep Seductive Rose over the eyelids and bottom lash line. Finish with sweat proof Emotinproof Eyeliner and Extreme Mascara.

Whatever the occasion may be, don’t be afraid to get creative. Try something new, exciting, and share your tips with your friends and family. Just because our faces are temporarily hidden doesn’t mean we can’t stand out from the crowd. Stay positive and try out new looks that make you happy on the outside and in.