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2021 Traditional Nanyan Hong Xin Tie Guan Yin is now available at Fook Ming Tong New Shop!

23 Jun, 2021

 Fook Ming Tong Ocean Center design is inspired by the modern Chinese tea disc.  Fook Ming Tong’s carries a Chinese tea disc which boasts a futuristic stainless steel design reminiscent of a UFO. This unique tea disc holds and retains the quality of the tea leaves stored within the disc. It represents the design concept of the new shop, interlacing modern and traditional elements to create a refined and elegant retail space for customers to experience modern Chinese tea culture.

The interior primarily utilises dark stone slate, walnut wooden furniture with

bronze accents such as cabinet handles, trimmings detailing to create a modern elegant and oriental look.   A customised tea tasting table is integrated into the shop for customers to have a first hand tasting experiences prepare by the tea specialists; for beginners and connoisseur alike to follow along on this tea tasting journey.   Electronic tablets is also incorporated into the space to expand the retail display space virtually.  By using an in-store e-catalogue, staffs can recommend more suitable tea ware and products to customers and enhance their shopping experiences.

 After collecting green tea, Fook Ming Tong team led by their principal tea master arrived in Anxi of the Fujian province in early May to produce Tie Guan Yin! Fook Ming Tong has its own tea garden in Anxi where tea leaves picked will undergo traditional production processes by hand for over 30 hours. Our principal tea master is meticulous about each of the processes to make sure the teas are in top quality. Therefore, new teas must pass through numerous tests and valuation to be on the market!

Anxi of the Fujian province grows high-quality Tie Guan Yin, which is internationally renowned as a tea treasure. The tea infusion is clear and golden with fresh and strong taste. The orchid fragrance and lasting after taste is known as “Harmony of Guan Yin”. With the team’s endeavors, the making process of Traditional Nanyan Hong Xin Tie Guan Yin is completed eventually and it is now available in stores!  

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