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Whether you’re in the mood for some classic egg on baguette, pancake with scrambled egg, bacon & cheese, fresh salad bowl or avocado & parma ham waffle, Lady Nara’s chic Weekend Breakfast Menu has got you covered on your perfect holidays.

Smile - Slice the Pancake

If you love cheese and pancakes, this dish will certainly make you SMILE. Lady Nara combines the two together for an ultimate food mash-up that will hit the spot on a delightful morning.  The richness of melting cheddar cheese makes each bite addictive and extraordinary. Bacon and scrambled egg on the side promote feelings of fullness, with maple syrup that balances the smoky-salty taste of bacon for a decadent sweet and savoury breakfast.

Energise - Stir the Superfood

A colourful salad packed with nutritious ingredients is perfect for your holiday morning mood. The spicy kick of the Meat Zero minced pork in red curry sauce will definitely reinvigorate the tiredness from a long week. Together with some luscious vegetables, fruit and nuts, no more boring salads!

Breathe - Smell the Waffle

Nothing beats a crispy-on-the outside-and-soft-on-the inside waffle with jam on a beautiful morning. Accompanied with parma ham, scrambled egg, mushroom and superfood avocado on the side, this combination makes for a well-balanced and satiating breakfast that empowers you with full energy.


Soothe - Poke the Poached Egg

You will be blown away by how good the smoked salmon goes with the poached egg with runny yolk. Served with mushroom and salad, this breakfast combines high protein and fibre to power up your morning. The pink sour cream made with fresh beetroot added extra glam to the dish, get your camera ready!


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