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COVA unveils new Pistachio Collection
The ultimate Pistachio Chiffon cake to satisfy all taste buds

20 Apr, 2023

With over two centuries of pastry excellence, Milan’s beloved premium confectionery destination COVA, is set to launch brand-new Pistachio Cake Collection that will surprise all palette. Following the success of Pistachio Delight launched last year, COVA’s Chef meticulously reinvented new recipes and handcrafted uniquely styled Pistachio Cakes. Using top-quality Italian pistachio with a distinct nutty flavour that is perfect for all Pistachio lovers.

The highlight of the Pistachio Series Pistachio Chiffon, perfectly combines pistachio cream and chiffon cake. The cake is coated with a luxurious layer of fresh cream, followed by fluffy pistachio chiffon cake and an indulgent layer of pistachio cream. The cake is surrounded by finely chopped pistachios that adds excellent contrast and complexity to every bite.  Light yet satisfying, the cake evokes a strong, nutty pistachio taste that stands in perfect harmony with the cream.

Another decadent creation – Pistachio Dream, is filled with a beautiful combination of Pistachio Cream Cheese followed by a layer of smooth pistachio cream. Topped with finely chopped pistachios and edible flower petals to add manipulate textures. The cake gives a unique cheese flavour with a touch of elegant pistachio nutty taste.

The well-loved Pistachio Delight is transformed into a new look, decorated with a smooth layer of Mascarpone cheese and pistachio cream.  Followed by layers of Pistachio sponge, a creamy layer of mascarpone cheese and smooth pistachio mousse. The bottom of Pistachio Delight is lined with COVA made ladyfingers dipped in COVA’s espresso. The cake is full of pleasant flavour and evokes a strong pistachio taste in correspond with the coffee flavour.

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