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Lady Nara x RMK Present Raw Glow Afternoon Tea

08 Jun, 2022

Summer is one of the most captivating times of the year. This season, unleash the new and exclusive “Raw Glow” Afternoon Tea Set presented jointly by Lady Nara and RMK, the Japanese Makeup Artist brand, in celebration of the cosmetics house’s 25 years of creation. “Raw Glow” Afternoon Tea Set will be available from 3:00pm to 5:30pm between 3 June and 31 July 2022.

Connect One’s Inner beauty with Genuine Flavours of Food

Paying tribute to the beauty house’s philosophy of beauty in imperfection and simplicity, Lady Nara has meticulously curated a plethora of sweet and savoury “Thai meets West” delights made with fresh, seasonal products, connecting one’s innate beauty with the genuine flavours of each ingredient.


Relish in the Raspberry Mousse & White Chocolate Lip Colour that features a sweet, crisp white chocolate shell filled with smooth raspberry mousse. Luscious and silky, the Jasmine Caramel Custard Pudding exudes a refreshing yet moderate sweetness that lingers pleasantly on palates. The Thai-inspired Kaffir Lime Cheese Tart in pink shell boasts a tart, bright flavour with the finely grated rind and juice of the citrus. Delve into the world of RMK with Liquid Cheeks Butter Cookie and Lip Colour Butter Cookie adorned with the cosmetic house’s logo, and the playful “Kiss Me” Milk Chocolate in sexy lip shape. Revive one’s sweet childhood memory with tri-coloured Marshmallow Lollipop and the colourful Tangerine Jelly Tart that offers a flavourful twist to the classic citrus tart. The best companion to a cup of fine hot tea or coffee, our signature Raisin Scone and the new homemade Pinky Rose Scone curated with rose water and rose petals are surely the classic titbit of an afternoon tea set to savour with besties.

Immerse your taste buds in a selection of savoury treats. Centered with a creamy fungi filling, the delightful Wild Mushroom Truffle Cream Tart reaches a new level of decadence with a drizzle of truffle oil. Mini Pink Burger puts together the natural pink bun, incredibly juicy meat patty and pink mayonnaise, creating a crisp burst of flavour. Goat Cheese Toast with Strawberry Jam is a harmonious combination of crispy sun-dried tomato focaccia and the tangy melted goat cheese, while the berry jam brings a sweet contrast. Also look forward to the culinary surprise by BBQ Bacon & Chicken Roll and Mango & Shrimp Rice Paper Roll that will make it an extra special tea-time to remember!

Snap-Tag-Reward to receive $50 Dining Voucher

To capture one’s true radiance and beautiful memory at the same time, dining guests are welcome to engage in the Snap-Tag-Reward activity and receive a $50 cash voucher* by uploading a photo taken at Lady Nara’s insta-worthy swing area to one’s Facebook or Instagram account, tagged with and @rmkhongkong. Lovers of Instagram Stories can also use the specially-designed Lady Nara x RMK gif stickers to make your stories even more extraordinary. *Terms and conditions applied.

Come enjoy the 14 delectable sweet and savoury treats against the backdrop of the picturesque Victoria Harbour view.

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