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03 Mar, 2023

Cucina’s Chef de Cuisine Andrea Delzanno brings diners on a luxurious gastronomic journey with five Italian gourmet dishes that feature caviar.


Dubbed the gems of the ocean, caviar is a sought-after ingredient that can elevate any dish with its saline flavour and delicate texture. It is widely used in appetisers, main courses and even desserts for added richness. Chef Andrea carefully selects the finest and most premium varieties of caviar from Northern Italy to develop five tantalising dishes to delight diners’ taste buds.



Classic Osietra Caviar Giaveri (10 grams), Blinis, Condiments is an indulgent appetiser that is just a good shared as it is enjoyed alone. Beautifully served with pearl spoons, the rich and creamy Oscietra caviar pairs perfectly with soft and fluffy blinis topped with a choice of condiments. This classic savoury delight is simply irresistible.


Another chef-recommended highlight is the Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio, Avocado, Siberian Classic Baerii Caviar Giaveri, Yuzu Jelly, Lemon Oil Dressing. To usher in the spring season, the floral-shaped dish is a refreshing and light appetiser featuring sweet and succulent Hokkaido scallops with a hint of citrus. The Siberian caviar on top, meanwhile, adds a show-stopping touch of decadence and enhances the dish with its nutty flavour and delicate texture.




As many food connoisseurs are aware, caviar and vodka are an iconic pair. The spirit’s clean and bold flavour complements the rich and salty notes of caviar without overpowering it. With the dish of Penne, Smoked Salmon, Vodka Cream Sauce, Dill, Siberian Classic Baerii Caviar Giaveri, Chef Andrea showcases his culinary talent by cooking the pasta in a rich vodka cream sauce. Diners are sure to delight in the perfect marriage of smoked salmon, vodka sauce and the nutty and buttery Siberian caviar.


Other tantalising caviar delicacies include Risotto, Mixed Seafood, Raw Scampi, Mascarpone, Chives, Classic Osietra Giaveri Caviar and Baked Chilean Sea Bass, Sautéed Clams, Sea Urchin Cream Sauce, White Sturgeon Haute Cuisine Caviar Giaveri .

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