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Japanese food is definitely one of the favorite cuisines thoroughly enjoyed by enthusiastic foodies in Hong Kong. So you’re not the only one who’s on a constant hunt for authentic Japanese flair. Right in the heart of our hometown in Tsim Sha Tsui is where both traditional and contemporary sushi offerings are presented at their best, all housed under one roof at Harbour City.

Glistening ocean views

Miss the last trip you took where you got to wander around a Japanese fish market by the ocean and hunt down the freshest bites? Get a table by the window and let the 270-degree harbor views be the closest experience until your next journey.

Perched on Ocean Terminal’s waterfront extension, Ana Ten boasts sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and a stunning array of menu using the freshest ingredients.

Savor the Minced Fatty Tuna with Spring Onion Rice Paper Rolls. The rich mouthfeel of fatty tuna is lightened up by the finely chopped spring onion. The texture is then further enriched by the slight crunch of the veggies and rice paper wrapped around the tuna rolls.

Can’t quite make up your mind on what to order? The Deluxe Assorted Sushi Platter includes a total 12 pieces of premium nirigi-style sushi, including fatty tuna, salmon roe, edomae sushi egg, and more.

Originating from Miyazaki, Japan, TSUKADA NOJO is known for its fine produce including free-range chicken and fresh vegetables flown in from its farm in Japan weekly. Sushi lovers are going to be pleasantly surprised by the BIJIN sushi and imperial set just as much as the farm-to-table concept. Each of the exquisitely adorned, bite-sized rolls is presented in the most vibrant colorways possible and sits elegantly against the spellbinding Victoria Harbour backdrop by the spread of floor-to-ceiling windows.

The set featuring sashimi yuba sushi, roasted beef in soy sauce sushi roll and salmon & crab meat salad sushi roll also comes with appetizers, tempura, and a miso soup to make it all the more satisfying.

Up close and personal

On days that you have to dine solo, why not grab a seat at the bar area, where you can get the lowdown on the entire sushi-making magic.

sen-ryo has brought back its seasonal favorite Shokunin Sushi series, which embodies the spirit of a shokunin – or sushi artisan. Get up close and personal at the bar area, where you can marvel at how each of the shokunins in Sen-ryo elevates in-season seafood with innovative pairings.

The seared golden eye snapper is paired with the citrus and savory yuzu miso sauce to tantalize your taste buds, so they are ready for the marinated gizzard shad with anglerfish liver after. Don’t forget to chase the meal with the Lemon Sour (Use of Roku Gin), recommended by the chefs!

Prime Fatty Tuna with Salted Rice Malt Minced Tuna / Seared Golden Eye Snapper with Yuzu Miso
Lemon Sour (Use of Roku Gin)

Since it first set foot in Hong Kong, Nishimura has been bringing local patrons authentic dining experience from Japan. While you can also enjoy the myriad of dishes at the comfort of Teppan Counter and Private Room, the intimate Sushi Counter area is where you can enjoy some bar banter while witnessing the entire gastronomic journey in action.

The Five-piece Temari Sushi set comprises fresh shrimps, jumbo scallops, uni, and more. Get ready to be in awe as the deceptively simple sushi comes alive under the chefs’ meticulous knife skills and superb showmanship.

Chic decor takes center-stage

Kyoto Ichinoden is where top-quality ingredients are given a contemporary twist that best showcases the Japanese essence on the menu.

A chic industrial edge with nods to the Japanese heritage sits well with the cozy space that is perfect for a get-together with friends, or a quiet meal with your loved ones. The sophisticated wooden tables meet the walls that are emblazoned with different Asian-inspired elements.

The Yamagishi Style Kobune Sushi features a reinterpretation of Kyoto Michelin-starred Tominokoji Yamagishi’s must-have, the Sea Urchin Hotdog. The novelty creation is made from a line of sea urchin atop a bed of sushi rice, before you can customize it with a selection of toppings like squid, spot prawn and grilled eel, so get creative!

Savor the artfully constructed and sumptuous sushi offerings at Harbour City, where you are spoiled for choices for the freshest bites of oceanic bliss.

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