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Love on the Plate: Valentine’s Day Meal Suggestions

09 Feb, 2024

Welcome to a world of delectable romance! As Valentine’s Day approaches, we bring you delightful meal suggestions to elevate your celebration.

Artisan De La Truffe Valentine’s Day Special Menu

Indulge in a luxurious truffle-infused dining experience with your loved one while enjoying the breathtaking night view of Victoria Harbour. Delight in a 5-course Valentine’s Day dinner menu. Experience the magic of Valentine’s Day with the indulgent aroma and flavor of truffles and caviar at Artisan De La Truffe.


ÉPURE Valentine’s Day Dinner

The best of contemporary French fine dining on the Kowloon side, MICHELIN-starred ÉPURE presents a sophisticated gastronomy experience served in the magnificent indoors dining area, or the newly revamped enchanting alfresco garden- The Blooms by ÉPURE, elegantly adorned with stunning floral arrangement and surrounded by breathtaking views of the world-famous Victoria Harbour. Everything is in place for a memorable celebration, complemented by Chef de Cuisine Aven Lau’s specially crafted Valentine’s Day menu which presents an exquisite symphony of exceptional flavours and striking presentation that create lasting gustatory and visual memories.


Dan Ryan’s Valentine’s Day Menu

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day calls for a romantic rendezvous with your special person. Whisk your loved one away to a world of flavors with Dan Ryan’s Valentine’s Day Set Menu for Two, available from February 11th to 14th evening (and available all day on February 13 & 14).

Savor three delightful courses, starting with a Green Goddess Shrimp Salad, before moving on to our exquisite Surf & Turf mains featuring an 8oz Hanger Steak with Diane Sauce & Fries or two delectable Buttered Lobster Tacos, each showcasing half a lobster tail for that extra spark. As a sweet finale, enjoy a Hidden Heart Cake crafted by Another Story By Another Baker.



The sweet scents of love is filling the air as February approaches, bringing a season of cherished moments and romantic sentiments. With a legendary archive of timeless recipes, DALLOYAU presents an exquisite array of delectable sweet and savoury indulgences tailored for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Rosy Raspberry Romance (Sweet Heart Edition)

Guests can surprise their special someone with this alluring heart-shaped delight, crafted with rose tea, lychee, raspberry mousse and puree, complemented by a velvety rose tea crémeux and a light almond sponge. On the top, it is elegantly decorated with a piece of heart-shaped white chocolate to add a touch of romance, exhibiting a profound depth of affection.

Sweet Heart Lace Chocolate Box

Chocolates have long been a token of affection and love. This heart-shaped chocolate lace box is handcrafted to perfection, encasing premium handmade chocolate bonbons of your choice which are curated by the finest ingredients with absolutely no preservatives added, making it an extraordinary gift for this Valentine’s Day.

La Famille Valentine’s Day Limited Edition

La Famille has launched the Valentine Special Cake and Gift to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day – ‘Blooming Heart’ Pink Guava & Rose Chiffon Cake and Strawberry Chocolate Pretzels. Whether it’s for your beloved, friends, or family, these treats will bring sweet surprises

‘Blooming Heart’ Pink Guava & Rose Chiffon Cake

The stunning red heart at the top is made from pink guava mousse, embellished with red rose petals symbolizing passionate love! The tender rose chiffon cake exudes a delightful aroma, with layers showcasing pink guava mousse, tangy-sweet strawberry pulp, and crunchy red fruit chocolate cereal crunch. This delightful creation offers a flawless fusion of fruity flavors and floral fragrances, providing you with an exquisite sensory experience.



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