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6 Must-have Products to Protect Your Baby’s Delicate Skin and Health

17 Feb, 2020

Baby’s skin is generally thinner. That’s why it is extremely prone to irritations. From the clothes they wear, the personal care products they use to the laundry soap used to wash their garments, everything should be carefully selected to prevent the harmful effects of chemicals, thus creating a safe and comfortable environment for our little sweethearts.

To prevent irritating or sensitizing baby’s skin, it is recommended to choose personal care products formulated with mild nature. California Baby Calendula Cream is an ideal choice to moisturize skin after bathing which can also help soothe eczema. Towels are something used on baby every day, so their quality and safety are of utmost importance. IORI is an Imabari towel which has passed the strict tests in categories such as absorbency, durability and color sustainability, making them one of the most reliable towels in the world.

IORI @eslite spectrum

You may also want to make sure everything that comes in contact with your infant is not contaminated. chicco Bottle and Dish Cleanser , can be used for cleaning feeding bottles, soothers and baby dishes. The formula, with naturally-derived ingredients, effectively removes stains leaving products clean and hygienized. The raw materials of Sonett All Purpose Cleanser are 100% biodegradable which are suitable for cleaning toys.  When it comes to washing baby garments, Arau Baby Laundry Soap leaves your baby’s clothes soft and snuggly without using any fabric softener. The unique natural formula dissolves and rinses away quickly and cleanly.

Green Common

Going out is happy, but parents are also worried about the harmful effects of air pollutants to their kids. Mobework Air Purifier uses negative ions to reduce pollutants in an instant. Light and easy-to-carry, it is suitable for all ages.

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