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Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through the upheaval of 2020. As we ring in the new year, it’s time to explore new ways to restore our body and mind.

1.Good vibes only

Crystals are believed by many to possess the ability to sooth our nerves and create amorous vibes. The more common ones include black tourmaline – which is said to absorb negative energy, and rose quartz – the stone of romance and love.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is known for her obsession for rose quartz and often raves about how the calming stone revitalizes her skin.

The Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Eye Mask or Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller, both available at Lane Crawford, is an easy way to pamper yourself at home before your next trip to the spa.

If you’re trying to spice up your work desk – or home, if that’s now your office too, Glacce’s Amethyst Crystal Elixir Water Bottle and Vitajuwel x Lane Crawford ViA Duo bottles are your best bets. The aesthetically-pleasing bottles are a great way to keep you zen and hydrated.

@Angela Caglia
@Lane Crawford
@Lane Crawford

2.Take a sip

Teas also make an easy way to relieve stress and anxiety. A classic chamomile tea before bed helps you wind down, as the soothing waft calms your frazzled soul.

A quick research on the Internet would reveal the endless options of teas and their corresponding health benefits. If you’re new to the herbal wonderland, why not make your way to Tea Château and talk to the amazingly knowledgeable staff.

Whether you’re craving for a freshly-brewed tea to go, or capsules to take home, Tea Château has got you covered. Besides traditional Chinese tea options, there are also an array of functional tea capsules, such as “Free Your Lung” and “Sing Out Loud”.

Tea Chateau@LCX
Tea Chateau@LCX

3.Leave it to technologies
Well-being gadgets are great tools to effectively realign mind, body, and soul.

PicoLabb’s iWand 3, for example, is a handy-dandy one to rejuvenate through the non-invasive, rhythmic light on the body’s acupoints. It is essentially a needle-free acupuncture session that you can have anytime and on-the-go. It encourages microcirculation and promotes our body’s self-recovery.

Another nifty gadget that can upgrade any bedroom is the Room Energizer, which helps relieve stress through emitting PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field), and improves sleep quality.

While you’re at the new PicoLabb flagship store at Harbour City, give the PVA Chamber a shot. The 20-minute session will leave you reconnected with your long-lost sense of zen.

PVA Room、Room Energizer@PicoLabb

4.Breathe in, breathe out

We’ve all been there. Sometimes uncertainties may make us feel insecure.

Take a deep breath and refocus. Belly breathing (also diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing) is a breathing exercise to destress and improve our well-being.

“Breathe in through the nose and let that breath push your belly outwards. You may place your hands gently on the belly and feel that rhythm too. Exhale slowly and feel that stress melt away,” said Melody *Ngai * lululemon Harbour City store ambassador.

Yoga and meditation are also great ways to reinvigorate body and mind. Unfurl the yoga mat in between Zoom meetings and do a few stretches. lululemon has in-store the signature Flow Y Tanks and buttery-soft Align Pants, for you to get in the zone.


5.Revamp your beauty regimen

CBD (short for cannabidiol), is the latest beauty buzzword. It is derived from the leaves of the cannabis plant and has taken the beauty and skincare world by storm.

Thanks to its calming, skin-soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is now widely used in a myriad of skincare products – and we’re all for it!

JOYCE Beauty houses a range of products that hydrate our skin during the colder months, but restore the glow of our skin, all featuring the rising botanical hero of CBD.

Begin your night-time routine with the Restorative Floral Bath by natureofthings, followed by Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum for a nourishing regimen. Treaty’s Balance also provides a plan-based equilibrium for full system support that you need.

natureofthings – Nourishing Body Crème @ JOYCE Beauty
Saint Jane – Luxury Beauty Serum @ JOYCE Beauty
Treaty – Calm @ JOYCE Beauty

6. Let’s dig in

Fermented food is rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Research shows that it helps to lower stress levels and relieve anxiety.

While most fermented food is a bit of an acquired taste, kimchi-infused dishes have a little kick to them and are loved by many.

Kinabaji’s Cheese Flooded Kimchi Burger would hit the right spot for you. The rich cheesy flavor flawlessly balances the tangy kick, making it such a satisfying treat on a relaxing weekend. Combat the winter chills with Seolhamyeok’s Kimchi Tofu Soup, which is a perfect lunch option. For those who want to spend even more time in the kitchen, Green Common’s Shim Young-soon Vegan Cabbage Mat Kimchi is totally going to be a tantalizing addition to your favorite dishes.

@Green Common

With all the innovative ways to reconcile your body and soul, let’s welcome 2021 with positive vibes and new hopes!  

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