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ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG is proud to present its new concept store at Ocean Terminal, Harbour City. The grand opening is slated to take place on Wednesday, 20 December, just in time for a scintillating Christmas celebration inspired by the emblematic, enticingly versatile WIREBAG. At the opening celebration, emerging stars Terrance Lau, Cloud Wan, THAIMAY and Feanna Wong will turn out in glamourous looks headlined by none other than the iconic WIREBAG. Izumi Ogino, founder and creative director of ANTEPRIMA, will join the stellar cast of guests to officiate at the grand ceremony that marks a new milestone in the development of the House.

New Concept Store at Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

The ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG concept store at Ocean Terminal boasts a fresh look animated by bright hues and clean lines; it creates an indelible customer experience with a nod to the House’s timeless elegance.

Whispered hues and rounded contours converge to imbue the space with a voluptuous, feminine note. On the chandelier-inspired display units, refined lustre shines through a meticulously curated selection of WIREBAGS. There is also a vibrant collage of WIREBAGS in varied shades on display, testifying to the statement that “WIREBAG is a bag of colour”.

Exclusive 999 Silver WIREBAG Collection

To celebrate the grand opening of the new concept store, a 999 sterling silver variation of ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG is available in limited quantities as an exclusive gift idea for this festive season. The classic STANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG comes in 99.9% sterling silver WIRE, woven by hand over the course of at least 20 hours. Taking the House’s artisan prowess and savoir-faire up a notch, the special edition WIREBAG is dressed in the luminous, warm glow of gold thanks to the lustre of the 999 sterling silver WIRE which withstands discolouration and oxidation. It is, therefore, the most refined iteration of WIREBAG, an object of desire to be kept dearly.


The birth of WIREBAG took shape when creative director Izumi Ogino discovered a resilient and translucent material called WIRE. She wove it with fine craftsmanship and exquisite details into a statement of Italian elegance. The resulting ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG is indeed an epitome of artisan prowess at the heart of the House’s codes of sophistication. It wins the hearts of modern women with a kaleidoscope of choices of colours and playful shapes. Among the vibrant variations, the square and teardrop-shaped WIREBAG rides on the Mini Bag frenzy to give any look, daily or party, a catchy spin.

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