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Up to 99% Natural Origin Ingredients

Everyone wants volumized hair. However, in face of genetics, hormonal factors, eating disorders, excessive dyeing, sun exposure and heavy stress, persistent and abnormal hair loss becomes a common problem for most of the city people.

APIVITA understands all kinds of hair problems. To provide a natural solution for hairloss, APIVITA Tonic Anti- Hair Loss collection offers both women & men formulas that helps strengthen & limit hair loss.


The HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX^, lupin protein, propolis, honey, organic bay leaf and a variety of organic plant extracts provide anti-oxidant repair to the hair and help prevent hair loss caused by aging of the hair follicle; while cleanse the hair deeply. Clinical proven 88%* effectively limit hair loss, strengthen the roots, and prevent continuous hair loss.


APIVITA care for the earth and your body, Tonic Anti-Hair Loss collection does not contain the following substances that harmful to the body and the external environment, and enhance its natural ingredients and efficiency to the highest level:

  • No preservatives (Parabens): harmful to the body, long-term use may cause cancer.
  • No Silicone-free chemicals (Silicones): Widely used in hair products, it can soften hair and easy to comb; but it cannot be decomposed, easily accumulate and remain in the surrounding environment.
  • No mineral oil (Mineral Oil): Petroleum by-product with moisturizing properties but can clog pores.
  • No Propylene Glycol: Petroleum by-product, with high compatibility, but it will irritate the scalp.
  • No Ethanolamines: Viscous substance that can adjust pH, but it can induce cancer.
  • No Laureth sulfate sodium salt, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES): They are active surfactants widely used in hair products, will wash away the natural lipid & moisture from scalp & hair, causing the inbalance of the hydrolipid film of scalp. Ends become dry & frizzy.
  • No Phthalates (Phthalates): a fragrance ingredient, research reports show that this substance is harmful to the human body.
  • No Benzene ring and nitro musks (Polycyclic and Nitro Musks): It is a fragrance ingredient. Cannot decompose will accumulate and remain in the surrounding environment.

Clinical results proven product safety & effectiveness

APIVITA Tonic Anti-Hair Loss collection

89% natural ingredients

  • Contains HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX, honey, 4 vitamins, wheat protein, ginseng, thyme and lavender extract, etc. that help hair growth, strengthen the microcirculation system, improve hair quality, protect hair from damage and prevent continuous hair loss occurs.
  • Added antibacterial propolis extract to restore scalp health and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Natural lime grass gently and deeply cleanses the hair and soothes the scalp.
  • Natural essential oils of lavender, sage, orange blossom and laurel can regulate scalp rapid and relieve stress.
  • Suitable for thin and lifeless hair.

Price: $190 / 250ml; $270 / 500ml

Clinical Results proven effectiveness#

  • 76% fights hair loss effectively
  • 76% tones scalp and hair
  • 72% hair becomes shinier

#Clinical study (self-assessment) in on 25 female with mild to moderate hair loss – 4 weeks

89% natural ingredients

  • For the prevention and treatment of hair loss, effectively controls seasonal or hereditary hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Protects hair against hair loss thanks to the patented HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX, which is proven to support hair growth and increase hair lifetime.
  • Purifies the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth thanks to antimicrobial propolis extract.
  • Strengthens and revitalizes the hair’s roots with a multitude of stimulating ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat proteins, ginseng, cinchona, thyme and lavender extracts.
  • With an invigorating blend of tea tree, thyme, spearmint and lemon essential oils, which tones and revitalizes both hair and mood.
  • Protects from external aggressors such as pollution and styling.

Price: $190 / 250ml; $270 / 500ml

Clinical Results proven effectiveness##

  • 72% Treats Hair Loss Effectively
  • 84% Tones Scalp An Hair
  • 72% Increase Hair Density And Strength

97% natural ingredients

  • Invigorates for stronger, healthy-looking hair, thanks to HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX and lupin proteins.
  • Hydrates and nourishes the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, thanks to laurel, thyme honey and Greek olive oil.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes hair without weighing it down thanks to laurel extract and thyme honey.
  • Protects from external stressors (air pollution and styling), prevents breakage and split ends, thanks to APISHIELD HS.
  • Offers soft hair with volume hair and makes it easy to detangle.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Revitalizes the hair and lifts your mood thanks to a unique blend of laurel, rosemary, lavender, sage and neroli organic essential oils.

Price: $220 / 150ml

99% natural ingredients

  • Contains high nutritional value of sea-buckthorn compound, lupin protein and thyme, etc., 88% limits hair loss, strengthen the roots, and create plump and beautiful hair.
  • HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX, lupin protein and vitamin B3, add volume to the hair.
  • 10 kinds of amino acids, wheat protein and herbal essence, inject vitality and strengthen hair roots.
  • The essence of Greek nettle can regulate oiliness.
  • Thyme, lemon, tea tree and peppermint essential oils have a regulating effect and nourish the hair.


  • Spray daily on roots of damp or dry hair (8-10 times on each side)
  • Gently massage without washing, it is recommended to use it continuously for three months, 2 to 3 times a week.

Price: $395 / 150ml

Clinical results proven effectiveness:

  • 88%* limits hair loss, strenthens the hair and adds more volume.

* Clinical study (self-assessment) in 50 men and women with hair loss, for 8 weeks. Does not refer to pathological hair loss