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Established in 1929 , having 92 years of resplendent history, POLA believes that true beauty originated from the inside Implementing POLA’s rationale “Science Art – Love”, POLA has successfully held the POLA Art Gallery art exhibitions in Hong Kong, and became the talk of the town,using the digital art to exhibit the beauty of flowers, and the mystery of beautiful skin is as unique as artwork.

Stepping into the 92nd anniversary of POLA this year, POLA Art Gallery art exhibition returns again. POLA is holding this POLA Art Gallery: POLA B.A Kaleidoscope Floral World in the Ocean Terminal, from September 20th to 26th, 2021. It will be transformed into a diversified floral space and presented to the public in a kaleidoscope way.  POLA believes that the dazzling beauty is as bright and blossom as flowers.  The beauty of the skin is as bright as a flower, and multiple brilliance refraction creates an incomparably beautiful work of art. It is like a kaleidoscope world. The multi-angle mirror continuously refracts the floral image, creating an infinite personal potential.

Artists Gin Lee, AGA explored the infinite potential of true self together with POLA

As a grand event, POLA specially invited singers Gin Lee and AGA to take the lead to visit the “POLA B.A Kaleidoscope Floral World”.  As singers and songwriters., they are not only beautiful and having a sweet voice, but also very talented in music and art.  Although they have been in the industry for many years, they continue to innovate and seek diversified breakthroughs. They are not afraid to explore different selves, and create unlimited possibilities through music creation.  Just like the POLA brand spirit, through scientific research and development of new beauty of skin, discover the unlimited potential of true self.

POLA B.A Floral Kaleidoscope World

In the two kaleidoscope-themed exhibition areas, the art design and skin-beautifying concept for POLA B.A created by Japanese floral master Mr. Makoto Azuma, will explore the infinite possibilities of art and beauty under the refraction of the kaleidoscope with visitors, and show the infinite potential of the individual.

Giant B.A Kaleidoscope Flower Garden: Explore the endless possibility of Art & Beauty

The exhibition area displays huge POLA B.A floral images.  There are three sets of mirrors and floral images on the wall.  Visitors can stand in the center of each set to take photos or videos, as like as they are in a kaleidoscope. There are three combinations of triangle, hexagon or rectangle to create multiple kaleidoscope refraction effects and explore the infinite possibilities of art and beauty.

B.A Kaleidoscope Floral Mirror: Unleash your infinite potentials

The “BA Kaleidoscope Floral Mirror” created by multiple mirrors with different angles, combined with the floral images, allows visitors to look at themselves from different angles through the reflection of the mirror as if they were in the perspective of flowers. To unleash your infinite potentials.

Explore B.A Premium Skin Care Series

There will be a B.A premium skin care series counter at the venue. Visitors can experience and explore the beauty of life firsthand, witnessing that POLA, through genetic science, has broken through and deeply awakened 98% of the skin’s underlying immortal cells in sleep, releasing the beautiful primitive potential.

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