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In partnership with Café Verlet…
…a Parisian landmark,
Diptyque has crafted a collection of exclusive candles: Les Délicieuses.
Aromas and scents intertwine, as fragrances and flavours collide.

To ease you into this sweet new world,
you are warmly invited to visit Diptyque’s Parisian Café Pop Up at Harbour City
to explore the exclusive treats, and indulge in the gourmet universe of the new candles collection…

Diptyque’s Parisian Café Pop Up
Date: From now until 2 May 2024
Time: 11am – 9pm
Location: Atrium I, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City
Enquiry: 4643 6497
Specific Dates*: 19 – 21 & 27 – 28 April, 1 May (11am to 7pm)

* You will be treated with a Diptyque Handcrafted Coffee upon any purchase on specific dates*.

Welcome to the Paris café, where iconic home fragrance pioneer Diptyque has entered into an exclusive gourmet collaboration to reimagine its olfactory creations. Celebrating the French art of living, the café indulges us in the exquisite aromas of Classic candles inspired by the sweet delights served at Café Verlet, where time seems to stand still…


In 1963, two years after the opening of the original boutique at 34 boulevard Saint Germain, Diptyque shared its first scented candles with the world: Thé (Tea), Cannelle (Cinnamon) and Aubépine (Hawthorn). Since then, Diptyque’s classic candles have held out the promise of an enchanting experience, a unique olfactory journey to discover in the comfort of our homes. Inviting us to explore a world of delicious aromas, it has added new scents and a limited-edition collection to its existing gourmet palette for an appetizing interlude with a Diptyque touch.

This partnership with Café Verlet – the oldest purveyor of coffees in Paris and the capital’s first roastery – celebrates the happy meeting of two imaginations… and two soulmates. Several generations of craft roasters have perpetuated a tradition that has made this café, founded by the Verlet family, a byword for taste. Renowned for its exceptional coffees, Café Verlet shares the same passion for authenticity, excellence and travel as Diptyque. Here, the rich flavors of Café Verlet and the olfactory know-how of Diptyque merge to create a unique sensory experience in the bustling heart of Paris.

The scents in this collection – Café (Coffee), Chantilly (Whipped Cream), Biscuit (Biscuit), and Fruits Confits (Candied Fruits) – are inspired by the menu of Café Verlet, known for its selection of thirty pure-origin coffees. The Café candle transports us to the warmth of Café Verlet, with its irresistible notes of roasted coffee beans accented with toasted cereals, like the first sip of a perfect espresso. The Chantilly candle is smooth and airy with a dash of vanilla that recalls the sweetness of whipped cream. The Biscuit candle mingles the spiciness of Verlet’s signature gâteaux de voyage with voluptuous notes of patchouli. Lastly, the Fruits Confits candle, available exclusively in Diptyque boutiques and at Nordstrom in the U.S. and Holt Renfrew in Canada, exudes the tangy fragrance of a succulent plum scented with sandalwood, patchouli, and balsam accents. These new scents invite us on an olfactory journey through a world of softness, sweetness and sophistication.


No limited edition would be complete without an artist’s touch. The imaginative drawings by British illustrator Clym Evernden bring the labels, vessels and boxes of Diptyque to vivid life. Evernden invites us to rediscover the classic candle through a series of spontaneous, creative drawings, like a whimsical Parisian tale in which the facades of Café Verlet echo those of the original Diptyque boutique opposite. His subtle references to candle scents spiced with British humor and a hint of poetry bring the artist’s drawings and the collection’s personality to the forefront.

These gourmet candles by Diptyque and Café Verlet are an ode to sweetness, celebrating the senses and the elegance of Paris. This unique and joyful olfactory experience is an opportunity to take time out in revel in the warmth of a Parisian café by Diptyque – a world of delicacies to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Founded in 1880, the oldest purveyor of coffee in Paris and its first roastery offers lovers of the finer things in life more than thirty pure-origin coffees and as many teas sourced from the four corners of the planet. Tucked behind the gardens of the Palais Royal, Maison Verlet continues to roast its own coffee in its quest for delicate harmonies and the perfect balance of flavors. In this café at 256 rue Saint Honoré, prized by connoisseurs for its 1920s-inspired décor, time stands still as you savor a coffee paired with a chocolate or seasonal pastry.

Biscuit (Biscuit) classic scented candle – HK$600
Café (Coffee) classic scented candle – HK$600
Chantilly (Whipped Cream) classic scented candle – HK$600
Fruits Confits (Candied Fruits) classic scented candle – HK$600
Set of three small scented candles – HK$1150