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22 Oct, 2021

At Moncler, we love winter. In fact, it’s been our lifeblood since 1952. From the French Alps to the world, winter is one of our driving forces: evoking that crisp chill of the cooler months wrapped in the warmth of a Moncler jacket.

Our Fall/Winter 2021-22 global brand campaign is a testament to that love, a powerful message of togetherness in a time when we all value closeness and human connection more than ever. Photographed by New York-based Australian photographer and director Chris Colls and exhibited in capital cities across the world this winter, this campaign celebrates a triumph over distance, embracing multiple voices whilst reuniting family and friends in the Moncler spirit of creativity and collaboration.

Capturing the candid warmth of family portraiture, our vision gathers an international cast of talented creatives to celebrate this special time with a message of unwavering optimism. Amongst them, friends and family from all walks of life are united in a series of cinematic vignettes that capture the genuine intimacy of human connection – from American actresses Robin Wright and daughter Dylan Penn to French music artist Lala &ce and her mother Noëlle, Japanese race car aficionado and alpine residents Mai Ikuzawa and her sons Arto and Milo, French ‘flextro’ dancer Bats aka Mamadou Bathily, and models Mao Xiaoxing and Mika Schneider.

Combining the romance of soft black and white with a wash of vivid red, this campaign strips things back to the Moncler essentials. Each image is an ode to the simple gestures of human connection: a touch, a smile, a kiss, an embrace. “I was excited about the idea of closeness and intimacy,” said Colls. “I love trying to find that dimension that only photography can capture. You don’t see blurred motion and the texture of an image in real life, it’s only in the still – that split second of reality that your eye cannot register.”

Celebrating the Moncler Men’s, Women’s and Children’s collections, the “We Love Winter” campaign features hallmark Moncler Collection pieces in our classic colors and constructions. In an ode to Moncler’s origins in the French Alps, each image is emblazoned with the Moncler ‘feltrino’ embroidered logo device as a central focus, and the ‘We Love Winter’ slogan appears as cursive handwriting alongside in physical and digital activations across the globe.

“The most important thing here was the authenticity of intimacy,” said Colls, who encouraged a casual mood during each portrait shoot to allow for spontaneity. “We wanted everyone to show their individuality in an environment that encouraged the talent to be as open and honest with each other as possible – especially as some of them had never been photographed together professionally before. It was a beautiful opportunity.” His sentiments are reflected in each image, through the pure expressions of happiness, love, joy, intimacy and gratitude.

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