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Osmanthus flower might be less well known in the western world, but in the Chinese world, it’s frequently used to make famous desserts like osmanthus cake and honey for its subtle, yet refreshing sweetness. The aroma of osmanthus flower is modest but vibrant. In recent years, western fragrance brands have come to realize the natural cleanness and elegance of this “scent from the Orient”, and therefore incorporated it in their fragrances. Whether it’s bubbly girls or sophisticated ladies, the scent of osmanthus flower sure pleases everybody.

This nocturnal flower that only blooms at night is known for being a symbol of love and romance. This September, Atelier Cologne captures for the first time the suave & fruity aura of the osmanthus flower, and launches the new Cologne Absolue, Love Osmanthus, which blends the elements from different countries: From China, the osmanthus flowers showers you with sweetness, ease and gracefulness, enveloping you with a sensual peach-like creaminess. The scent is further brightened up by lemons from Italy with a crisp freshness, and grounded by the warm & woody Cedarwood from America.

The Love Osmanthus nicely blends together the “scent from the Orient” and “scent from the West”. To celebrate the new launch, Atelier Cologne joins forces with contemporary Chiu Chow restaurant GāGǐNāng to create a series of new dishes in contemporary style, inspired by the cologne’s ingredients and incorporating the finest ingredients – Goose Liver, Black Cod Fish, Lamb Rack and so on.

Marinated Goose Liver with Chrysanthemum Jelly (Appetiser): When East meets West. The Goose Liver is being marinated in traditional Chiu Chow way yet matching with Chysanthemum Jelly to minimise the taste of greasiness.

Black Cod Fish Served with Osmanthus, Salted and Fermented Soya Paste (Main course): Slow cook and pan-fried the Black Cod Fish from Hokkaido before using mix of fresh herbs to marinate for hours.
Paring with White Asparagus, sprinkled with dried seaweed to uplift the freshness. Sided with traditional Puning Bean Sauce and uses Osamanthus to smoke the Cod; ensuring the scent and the sweetness of it will be fully penetrated into the fish.

Baked Lamb Lion with Vetiver Herbs (Main course): Using Australian lamb racks and Vetiver herbs to marinate before baking. The juiciness to be remained after slowcooking and no other sauces are necessary but to enjoy the most original taste of the lamb and vetiver. Sided with crushed beans and pistachios to create crunchiness too.

Pomegranate Oolong Tea Flavoured Panna Cotta (Dessert):
The fresh and soft scent of Oolong tea penetrate into the Panna Cotta well. Topping with colourful Pomegranate that is rich in Vitamin C and surely beneficial to all! The slight sourness from the Pomegranate also gets to balance well with the sweetness of the Panna Cotta.

From now until 15 Oct, upon order of the Limited Set Lunch at GāGǐNāng, you can redeem a Love Osmanths 4ml fragrance spray at Atelier Cologne; and upon any purchase at Atelier Cologne, you may be able to a HK$100 GāGǐNāng cash coupons to enjoy the essence of the cologne by both wearing and smelling it.

*On first-come-first-served basis