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Back to School In Style

19 Apr, 2022

 School is finally back in session soon! To prepare your little ones to go back to school and reunite with their best buddies, Harbour City has got you covered with a wide spectrum of school essentials to make the transition from zoom classes to face-to-face classroom fun a breezy one!

Clutter-free setup

With the hybrid learning mode here to stay for a while, setting up a study corner at home is now all the more important than just having a desk and a chair in the room.

Keep the desk clutter-free by investing in some quality desktop storage units from Muji. The sturdy acrylic organizers come in various sizes and numbers of compartments, so both you and your little ones can customize the setup to almost exactly how you like it.

The Stackable 2-Row Drawer with Lid, for instance, is both an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to keep all the stationery and knick-knacks organized, to make doing homework less of a chore.


 Fill the bookshelves with books that spark creativity. The dedicated Children’s Section at eslite spectrum has a robust collection of classic story books and contemporary novels for all ages, so your little bookworms can discover their next favorite reads. Young toddlers are going to also love the sizable selection of toys, crafts and puppets for their bedtime stories.

Stay germ-free with ease

Going back to school this time around may feel a bit different. Make a trip to LCX and shop for all the essentials as you build your little care pack.

From filtration effectiveness to fit, by now we all know what face masks work best. To get your little ones to willingly mask up too, something as adorable as Gimans Care Disney Official Licensed Frozen II Disposable Masks will do the trick.

To make sure the hands are clean at all times, go with B.Duck NCCO-IG Skin Recovery Essence or the L.O.L. SURPRISE! Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Spray, both are free of alcohol so they don’t irritate the skin.

For the most frequently used items, consider an anti-microbial sticker by Airpurity, the patented technology kills over 99.9% bacteria and virus. The sticker can be used up to 30,000 times, so your kids’ favorite Line Friends are always around to provide antibacterial protection.

Looking bright

With the kids nowadays spending more time in front of the screens, it’s always a good idea to keep their eyesight in check.

Zoff’s U-15 Supporting Program offers a complimentary one-year warranty for children aged 15 or below to ensure the prescription lenses are exactly the ones they need. Your little girl is going to be over-the-moon as she chooses among Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel from the Disney Princess frames. Each of the frames comes with subtle princess-inspired design details on the temples and different silhouettes to match different face shapes.

For the boys, Optical 88 has in store the New Balance ELOCK Eyewear Collection. Injecting sporty elements to the durable frame, the ELOCK temple can be adjusted to three different positions to customize fit. The 360° adjustable nose piece offers added comfort to your energetic ones!

Helping your kids develop a sense of responsibility and routine through a wristwatch by Swatch. The Garden Fiesta Collection puts together delectable summer treats and fun pastimes to make time-telling intriguing. All Flik Flak watches are Swiss made from BPA-free materials. The textile straps made from recycled PET bottles are machine washable too!

Trusty companions

Complete the back-to-school look with a pair of quality uniform shoes and a functional backpack that are built to last through every adventure.

GEOX specializes in school shoes for children aged 6 and up. With day-long comfort, flexibility, and cushioning in mind, every style is designed to ensure correct development of your children’s growing feet as they move across the playground.

Choose between Doughnut’s Macaroon Large Jumanji and Souls of Maverick backpacks. The durable and lightweight backpacks make perfect companions to hold all the books while the adjustable shoulder straps eliminates unnecessary strain on the back.

Prepare for the arrival of grueling heat. MOMAX iFan 6 Mini Portable Fan and iFan8 Portable Neck Fan are going to be a summertime godsend for your little one to stay cool, so they can fully enjoy the outdoors after class.

Endless creativity and joy

The checklist wouldn’t be complete without some new stationery.

Swap the standard white erasers with fun shaped ones available at LOGON. Fill the Reversible Pooh & Tigger Pen Case with eraser sets like the Fancy Eraser Burger Shop Set or Fancy Eraser Car Set and KOKUYO color pencils. Pack also the funky SAKAMOTO Choco Pie Box Memo and Potato Chips Notebook as a shoutout to snack time on the bench.


For young adults that prefer more of an understated style, the Ag+ Three Pockets Fabric Bag with Strap would make a nifty pick to hold small gadgets alongside the SilsilGerm Antibacterial Pens, which are proven to inhibit the growth of 99% bacteria.

Getting new supplies is always a part of the return-to-school excitement for the kids. So why not treat them to a little splurge around Harbour City, where they can spice things up with a myriad of school supplies that they’ll be eager to showcase!