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The Balenciaga BB Monogram pattern is a modern take on an archival print, first seen on pieces from Balenciaga’s 1990s collections. The updated graphic design interlaces a horizontally stretched double-B logo with a set of diagonal stripes, creating a repeating monogram.

The new line is introduced as a textured pattern on coated canvas and denim products. It is applied using a multi-step process involving rotary print technology, clean embossing, and/or laser work, seamlessly integrating with the base material while popping with meticulously created highlights.



This pattern is introduced on a selection of Balenciaga items, including the Shopping Bag, the Bistro Basket, the Everyday Camera Bag, the Hardware Tote, the Hourglass Bag, Cash wallets and cases, T-shirts, caps, hoodies, socks, sweat shorts, stretch knee pants, the Rise Sandal, the Pool Slide, and Square Knife high heel styles.

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