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With pets bringing lots of laughter into our lives, it only comes as no surprise that every owner wants to give their fur baby the best. If you’re looking to spruce up your pet’s corner, look no further than Harbour City, where you can snap up quirky toys, healthy treats, fashionable accessories, and everything in between — all tailored to your furry friend but just as pleasing to our human eyes.

Boredom busters

Play time for dogs is more than fun but benefits their well-being too. Keep them busy with entertaining toys so they become a little less destructive at home.

There is no such thing as having too many squeaky toys and plushies. city’super has in store a selection of themed plushies in the forms of a soccer, a hamburger, and a very summer-appropriate popsicle, to keep your WFH companion occupied during your Zoom calls.

Besides cute plushies, Rogz has a range of stimulating toys such as the Flossy Grinz Dental Toy, which encourages hunting-style exuberance during the throw-and-fetch time while massaging your doggo’s gum. The Fred Treat Ball has two cavities to hold treats to keep your dog entertained. And if you’re taking your furry friend to the beach, the Squeekz Fetch Ball floats visibly on the water for a fun day out.

Drool-worthy nom-noms

Elevate your dog’s treats to enticing summer desserts that are almost too tempting to share.

The Dog’s Garden serves up doggie ice cream to curb the summer heat. Choose among four unique flavors of luscious blueberries & honey, protein-packed chicken & fish maws, nutritious salmon & pumpkin, and crowd-favorite banana and coconut — all of which your pooch will love to sink its teeth into any day. For a limited time only, enjoy a 20% discount when you get two cups or more, so stock up on these secret training weapons.

Add also, these indulging, pet-friendly desserts to your shopping list next time you do your grocery shopping at city’super, where you can find an array of pet treats by homegrown brand No Boo No Life and Japanese label Comif. All treats are made with premium ingredients to ensure they don’t interfere with your fur kid’s diet. Think air-dried jerkies with no preservatives, burgers made with actual beef patties, and other cooling desserts that you can keep in the fridge, such as pancakes, cheesecake bar, and ice cream.

Suit up

Whether you’re looking for that purr-fect outfit to stand out in a pet party or simply enjoy dressing your furry friend every day, these pet apparel selections deserve to be in your pet’s wardrobe.

Check out the adorable bananas, bowties, collars, and other fashion accessories at XPLUS. Your doggo can be dressed up as different characters as your heart desires, from a four-legged sailor, to picture-perfect ring-bearers at weddings, and more.

Nifty gadgets

Your fur baby’s corner calls for more than just a comfy bed for them to snooze peacefully but an all-round setup from XPLUS that takes care of their well-being too.

Kusa PetZone Pet Water Dispenser is made for both your cats and dogs so they have one less thing to fight over. The water flow design is made for your feline friend, and the bubbling water design is perfect for the doggies.

It’s not just at home that they need to stay hydrated, but also during the daily walks. The Mewoofun 2-in-1 water bottle dispenses the water with one single push of the button. It also doubles as a waste bag container to make clearing up after your doggie much less unsightly.

As for the kitties, the Moboli Travel Capsule Cat Carrier makes going out and about a joy. Besides having holes throughout the carrier to maximize air circulation, the petting window is yet another thoughtful design for you to give your kitty a little stroke anytime. When the capsule is not in use, the lid can be opened up to double as a cat litter at home too.


Balancing act

All fur babies seem to have a mind of their own. No matter how much you try to keep their diets as balanced as possible, fill in that nutritional gap to prevent any health issues.

The Mediterranean Natural Functional Snacks range is a food supplement that targets common pet concerns like joints as well as skin and hair. They are free from artificial colorants, GMO, and trans fatty acids, so you can expect clean ingredients as they strengthen your doggie’s joints and promote shiny hair.

If you’re looking for something that boosts your dog’s digestion and immune system, try Tu Meke Friend Natural Dog Treats – Ovine Tripe and Veal Brisket, two varieties of air-dried, meaty treats that are high in protein but low in fat.


From practical to playful, these pet accessories are going to delight your fur baby and make you a proud pet parent.

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