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Canada Goose summons forces of nature in first-ever footwear campaign

09 Nov, 2021

Canada Goose released a preview of the campaign for its premier Footwear Collection, featuring stories from Romeo Beckham; Indigenous Artist & Activist, Sarain Fox; and Indigenous Leader & Former NHL Player, Jordin Tootoo. The campaign is a testament to the brand staying true to sharing real stories about real people.

The campaign celebrates what makes each of these personalities a Force of Nature through the brand’s Live in the Open promise. Live in the Open invites people to express themselves freely without judgement. Within that lies a Force of Nature, a calling to get out there, explore and define their path forward. Canada Goose inspires and enables this exploration – from head to toe.

“The launch of Canada Goose Footwear is one of the most significant milestones in our more than six-decade history. We are bringing a completely new perspective to the category, balancing performance and luxury – which is the ultimate expression of our lifestyle brand,” said Dani Reiss, President & CEO, Canada Goose. “A Force of Nature is strong, dynamic and confident; all characteristics that Canada Goose enables.”   

Shot in Squamish and Whistler in British Columbia, the campaign profiles Beckham, Fox and Tootoo. Their stories are told in settings that complement their personal journeys, with the environment and weather driving their Force of Nature narrative forward. Beckham ascends a mountain, conquering obstacles on his way to the top. Fox finds solace and protection from nature as she explores the forest through snow and wind. Tootoo traverses a narrow and foggy plain, successfully navigating his way because of the connection he has with the land and his surroundings. Ultimately, each personality’s ability to be one with nature demonstrates that the performance of Canada Goose Footwear enables them to focus on the task at hand and reach their metaphorical summit.

Beckham – a Force from Within – is at an exciting stage of his life, starting out on a new journey as a professional footballer, carving his own path toward achieving his personal goals.

“Growing up, I have always been taught that hard work pays off. To make my dream of playing professional football a reality, I was focused and dedicated,” said Beckham. “To me, Live in the Open means pushing forward and being motivated to achieve great things. I am excited to be teaming up with Canada Goose to inspire that idea.”  

Fox is a powerful voice for the Indigenous community. She recently became a mother and brings to life the narrative of Woman is a Force, conveying the literal force that women are, the connection they have with one another and the ability to see beyond themselves to shape the future. Fox’s story gives an entirely new meaning to the influence, strength and power of women and mothers.

“I have made it part of my life’s work to amplify the voices of women and advocate for my community. I feel empowered when I’m telling their stories, championing their work and supporting their mission. I want to change the world – especially for our future generations,” said Fox. “Live in the Open inspires me to be vocal, true to myself and to lead by example, especially now with my daughter watching and learning from me.”

Tootoo grew up in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, and is also a vocal advocate and role model for the Indigenous community. He expresses A Steady Force in Canada Goose’s campaign, defining “home” and “land” and how everyone is grounded and shaped by theirs. This has an especially significant meaning to Indigenous people because of their deep connection to their culture, land and community.

“I credit the land for my mental and physical strength. It’s where I find the drive to persevere – both personally and professionally,” said Tootoo. “Live in the Open means carve your own trail but stay grounded and never forget where you came from.”  

Canada Goose is bringing its celebrated performance-driven, intelligent and meticulous design to its Footwear Collection with two innovative styles for men and women. The first is the Snow Mantra Boot, born from the brand’s pinnacle product, the Snow Mantra Parka, renowned as the warmest coat on Earth and designed with functional intention. The Snow Mantra Boot is packed with the DNA of its outerwear counterpart – a unique and distinctive identity. This style, built with waterproof construction, will help conquer some of the harshest conditions, having been tested on the icy tundra of the Canadian North. Designed with impeccable detail and made of premium materials, each aspect of the boots is purposeful and promises the highest level of protection, comfort and warmth. The removable insulated lining boot molds to the foot over time, creating an innate and custom fit; while the various functional features, including the laces, drawcords and zippers, provide versatility.

The second is the Journey Boot, expertly crafted in Italy and built for the demands of the everyday. The Journey was designed with an iconic squared off-toe, inspired by classic Hiker boots worn in the Alps. This informed the step in the heel, a feature that helps when taking on and off. The entire construction was built to ensure flexibility, making it an essential piece for any lifestyle and all adventures, including the midsole’s cushion and the midfoot’s stabilizer for arch support. The soft and flexible upper is made of just three pieces – a minimalist approach to design to eliminate seams and as a result, pressure points, to create a customized boot for enduring use.

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