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Cartier Watch Specialist Grandly Unveils at Harbour City

05 Feb, 2024

Cartier Watch Specialist grandly unveils at Harbour City. Many creative stimuli associated with the poetic codes of the Maison live together and paint the design of this boutique. The Cartier Panthère, appearing discreetly on the focus wall and triggering the motif on the central carpet, prowls among this medley of aesthetics.

The sea, ever visible and influential in Hong Kong, is symbolised through the wave pattern on the floor pretty splashes of blue on the ground floor. Abundant nature, sweeping across the mountains and down to the shores, inspires elegant leafy embellishments. Touches of wood that invite warmth and a sense of home recall the forests ringing the city.

Soft, mellow beige binds all these diverse elements in accord, and intermittent pops of red, a reference to the vibrant Cartier boxes, instil dynamism throughout the boutique.

Rounded, soft and welcoming shapes embrace the strong values of Cartier, a harmony of comfort and elegance. Through architecture, Cartier pays tribute to both the beautiful Maison and the incredible island of Hong Kong, combining their different inspirations in one amazing journey.

Exquisite Valentine’s Day Gifts from Cartier: Romance in a Red Box

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cartier unveils a selection of exquisitely elegant and dreamlike treasures. Initiate a moment of pure romance by bestowing on your beloved a precious gift nestled in Cartier’s classic red box, and share a token of affection that emphasises your enduring bond.

Cartier Watch Collections

Add a subtly elegant French touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with the Baignoire watch collection. Choose between an alligator leather strap in passionate bright red or stylishly understated navy blue for the perfect offering that complements her uniqueness. The signature domed crystal and slightly curved pink or white gold case coupled with brilliant-cut diamonds create mini-jewels that delicately and comfortably adhere to the wrist. The exquisite flow of the watch’s curves radiates an endless brilliance, exuding French sophistication with every movement.

Evoking the romantic adage ‘opposites attract’, the Tank Américaine watch collection marries geometric lines and rounded angles to achieve a beautifully harmonious design. Available in a variety of colourways to coalesce with the singular style of the receiver – including the choice of
a pink gold bracelet or a bright red or grey alligator leather strap – the timepieces highlight the magnanimity and elegance of love. Each watch empowers its owner with bold glamour and will be treasured forever as an expression of mutual adoration.

Cartier’s time-hallowed watchmaking masterpiece, the Santos de Cartier, revolutionised wristwatch design and is widely regarded as the first modern timepiece. Its standout square, sleek appearance, paired with refined details, is updated with a pink gold case secured by a graceful matte grey alligator leather strap. Exposed screws between the bezel and the case infuse the timepiece with a discreet masculine charm, slotting artfully into a watch collection that exemplifies the steadfast ideals of aviation. Borrowing from the brave endeavours of early highfliers, it fearlessly seals a bond of love that withstands the test of time.

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