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SUJÁN’s Tiger and Leopard Conservation project’s purpose is to preserve and protect parts of the Indian wilderness as well as its diverse cultural heritage for future generations. Through this collection Chantecaille will help support SUJÁN’s crucial conservation work in India.

“The eyes of leopards and tigers have always captivated me, and I was so inspired by our partnership with SUJÁN to develop two soulful, iridescent and lively eye shades inspired by these alluring animals and the environments they inhabit: the tiger in the lush, mysterious green jungle and the leopard in granite-adorned wilderness.”

—Olivia Chantecaille

Luminescent Eye Shades –

Now available in two NEW pearlescent, light-catching shades that wash the eye with dimensional shimmer and support our new conservation partner in India, SUJÁN Tiger and Leopard Conservation. Luminescent Eye Shade’s innovative gel-powder formula is infused with sophisticated pure-pearl particles that adds dazzling, metallic color to the eyelid. Talc-free, buildable and utterly blendable, these emollient shades set with a featherweight cream-like finish that never falls or creases.

“These colors reflect a connection with nature that is so grounding yet powerful and elegant, just like the tiger and the leopard.”

—Olivia Chantecaille

Lip Chic –

The lightweight, glossy rich texture of Lip Chic gives lips the coverage of a lipstick and the high shine and subtle plumping effects of a gloss. The result is a comfortable, highly modern look with a sophisticated polish.Lip Chic’s long-wearing, smooth-never-sticky, effortless formula leaves lips feeling buttery and smooth due to the perfect balance of waxes and emollient oils that allow it to glide on easily and wear comfortably. Lips look luscious and full thanks to the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid.

“Lip Chic is a fantastic way to try out a bold seasonal hue but still stay in your comfort zone. Wearing color again is so exciting. Expressing yourself and having fun with makeup and color, especially on the lips, has been something I missed during the pandemic. Lip Chic is the perfect formula for the future, with or without a mask: nourishing, soothing, plumping, sheer but buildable.

—Olivia Chantecaille

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