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Chloé Debuts Exclusive Chemena Kamali Handbag Collection at Harbour City Boutique

07 Jun, 2024

Following by the resounding success of the recent Chemena Kamali Intuition Collection Winter 2024 show, Chloé is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated arrival of the first Chemena Kamali handbag collection, exclusively available at the Chloé Harbour City boutique. The collection, featuring exquisite handbags, showcase the Maison’s reimagined leather goods and effortless attitude. Chloé lovers can look forward to exploring the handbag collection starting in early June.

The collection at Chloé’s Harbour City boutique embodies the Maison’s DNA and roots, with bags that complement the Maison’s sexy ready-to-wear looks. Crafted with an ergonomic approach, the bags offer versatility and multiple ways of carrying. The leathers used exude a natural and glossy look, with touches of transparency and a soft, sensual touch. The intricate hardware adds richness and sophistication, while details recall the early 2000s with a contemporary and joyful spirit.

The 99

In line with the adventurous mindset of the Chloé girls, the 99 is infused with a rider spirit and youthful cheekiness. Speaking to a newer generation fascinated with icons of the past like the Paddington it-bag, the 99 features its recognizable covered lock, reinvented with a new contemporary look.

The 99’s detailing and design fosters immediate desire. The shoulder carry offers a new Chloé attitude.

Camera Bag

Inspired by the reporters and press photographer’s bags, the Camera Bag draws from the codes of utilitarian gears worked out with a true Chloé identity. The pockets accumulation and metallic pieces add authenticity and personality to the bag, while bringing functionality as well.

The Camera Bag is declined in a range of shapes that suit all Chloé women: passionate, active and constantly in motion. The line combines comfort and practicality with a soft, effortless attitude enhanced by the supple natural leather.

Cape Bag

The Cape bag combines this staple piece of the Chloé wardrobe with a boyish belt, highlighting a feminine-masculine dichotomy dear to the Maison’s identity. The leather goods know-how is represented with a specific construction that brings dimension and movement to the bag, enhanced by a particular suppler leather selection.

A unique and nonchalant attitude for this collection’s most fashionable bag. Versatile, it can be worn as an easy-going crossbody bag or as contemporary shoulder bag.

This collection represents a celebration of Chloé ‘s heritage and showcases our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The Chemena Kamali collection will be available at Chloé ‘s Harbour City boutique starting in early June. Chloé lovers are invited to visit Harbour City boutique to explore this highly anticipated collection.

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