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Every year, Harbour City puts on splendid, large-scale decorations and holds a series of festive activities in different themes, including Christmas music shows in celebration of this special day. Apart from the 4 festive check points, including a “Beary Christmas Shop” & “Christmas Lighting Garden” throughout Ocean Terminal, which were opened earlier, Harbour City has invited Dutch artist Eva Cremers to design 2 more decorations inside the mall, as well as a Limited Edition “Christmas Every Day” Thermal Bottle with Puzzle Coaster.

Eva is experienced in drawing 3D illustrations, and has created plenty of adorable 3D cartoon characters. This Christmas, she has designed several “Monster Members” and set up the “Christmas Club”. You can find them performing and raising funds for HKBCF at the “Club’s Activity Room” and “School Hall Stage” at the Atriums. Apart from snapping photos with the “Monster Members”, you may join our interactive games to create your own “Monster”.

Check in at the “Christmas Club Performance” and Create Your Own “Monster”

Dutch artist Eva Cremers has designed several 3D characters for Harbour City this Christmas. They are a group of students who dress up as monsters, establish the “Christmas Club”, “perform” and raise funds for HKBCF with a great sense of humour. The “School Hall” at Atrium II, Gateway Arcade is their “stage”, while Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal is the “Club’s Activity Room” where they prepare for the “performance”. All the colourful decorations and funny scenes must give all the visitors a pleasant surprise!

On the stage, Chairman Firry, cool kid Melty & the loving Hugsy are “performing”; Swingy appears on stage out of nowhere and makes everyone laugh as always; Dingy & Dongy, who are passionate for music, are DJing offstage; while Beardy, the cheeky kid with fake beard, is cheering up those on stage. At the same time, clumsy Lamspy gets accidentally stuck in the Christmas lights again, laughing at his own reflection on the backstage mirror. What a funny scene to see!

How can we miss Gifty for Christmas? He is holding up a television, asking every visitor to join our interactive game. You can mix and match different parts of the members’ costumes, and create your own “Monster”. Take a snap with your creation, download to the phone and share with everybody!

Behind the Scenes at the “Christmas Club’s Activity Room” Re-colour the “Monster Members”

The members have been preparing for the “performance” for so long. Let’s take a tour down to Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, where the “Club’s Activity Room” is located, and where they practice regularly. The members have decorated the room into a colourful space, and the notice board is showing everyone’s portrait and practice schedule. Chairman Firry and funnily stylish Wormy are in the Room to welcome you. Kids can also play with Wormy and hop on his back!

Besides taking a look at the preparation of the members, you may come to the interactive colouring zone and let your creativity flow, re-colouring the “Monster Members”! Here, by on-site donation of HK$20, you can get a black & white paper with your favourite “Monster” on, and paint whatever colours. Once scanned, they will come to life on the screen as 3D characters against different scenes and interact with those created by the others! What’s more, even if you’re at home, you can also play the game on your own computer, and see all the new “Monsters” being created on your own computer screen live!


“Christmas Club” School Hall Stage & Activity Room – Details

  School Hall Stage Activity Room
Date From now to 27 Dec 2020 From now to 27 Dec 2020
Time 10am-10pm 12nn to 9pm
Location Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

*Remarks: The colouring zone at the “Club’s Activity Room” can accommodate up to 4 people only at a time.

“Christmas Every Day”
Limited Edition Thermal Bottle with Puzzle Coaster


Every year, Harbour City partners with an artist in creating Christmas premiums for charity sale; this year is no exception. From 18 Dec onwards, Harbour City will release a Limited Edition Christmas Every Day Thermal Bottle with Puzzle Coaster, jointly designed with Eva. The thermal bottle is as bright and vibrant as the decorations. The “Monster Members” have shown up on the packaging, the bottle itself and the puzzle coaster. Lightweight as it is, the thermal bottle has great capacity, and is very good for travelling around with. The coaster comes in a format of puzzle, giving you some fun to play with, and the practicality to use! We hope this meaningful gift sparks joy and happiness, and fills you and your loved ones with the warmth of Christmas Every Day!

 Redemption Details

Date 18 Dec 2020 – 3 Jan 2021
Time 12:30pm – 9pm
  1. Level 3, Ocean Terminal (Near Shop OT313 Ralph Lauren)
  2. Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (open until 27 Dec 2020)
How to Redeem
  1. Upon participating in REWARDING EVERY DAY, and presenting gift voucher with on-site donation of HK$150 to “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation”; OR
  2. By on-site donation of HK$250 to “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation”, members can redeem ONE Thermal Bottle with a Puzzle Coaster

*All proceeds will be donated to Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation

Remarks: The brand of the thermal bottle is PO: .Quantity is limited while stock lasts.

Click here for more Redemption Details

Harbour City has changed the format of its Christmas music shows to broadcasting on online and offline platforms, to make sure that everyone will be able to feel the Christmas blessings everywhere, every day, while raising funds for HKBCF.

Harbour City is now recruiting “Christmas Club” Members! Kids aged 3-12 are invited to record their own Christmas music performance and share the joy with all of us. From now to 20 Dec, upon donation, interested parties (individual / group) can submit their videos to us. We will select some of the performance videos to play on in-mall digital panels and the brand new TV wall at Ocean Terminal regularly. After editing, the videos may be uploaded to our official YouTube channel and other social media platforms as well. Harbour City also joins hands with JOOX to recruit the members. If joining the Club through JOOX, you may get a surprise gift at once! Selected videos will be uploaded to Harbour City’s official JOOX channel.

“Christmas Club” members who share their Christmas music performance with us will be awarded with a certificate of gratitude. Join the Club now and sing along for charity this Christmas.