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In‑the five years since its launch,‑Clé de‑Peau‑Beauté’s‑­e Foundation has been worn and adored by women everywhere. Its luxurious texture, weightless feel, luminous finish‑and unique skincare benefits‑reflected in 26 international beauty awards

‘Tears of Chios’, Meticulously Cultivated and Harvested

Mastic trees have been carefully cultivated on the Greek island of Chios for almost 1000 years. After small notches are cut into the bark with a precision tool,‑clear, teardrop-shaped sap starts to form – the famed ‘Tears of Chios’, also known as Lakesis Extract.

Harvesting is done by hand in July and August. Utilizing‑the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide method and recycled CO2, the extract is isolated‑without the use of solvents or high‑temperatures. Purity, potency and antioxidants are preserved.

­The extract is then painstakingly turned into Precious Lakesis Complex. Now it’s ready‑for use in ­e Foundation –‑the secret to its redefined‑perfection.

The Reformulation

Clé de Peau Beauté began working on an enhanced The Foundation in December 2019. _ree_years and 255_formulations later, it’s here.

Out of undertone research and Blur Perfection Technology emerge new shades to match a wider range of skin tones. “Most foundations use powder pigment to cover the skin,” says Ms. Saito Makiko, Manager of Clé de Peau Beauté’s Makeup Development Group. “Instead of covering

imperfections, The Foundation utilizes Blur Perfection Technology to diffuse them, while enhancing natural beauty.”

Skin is lustrous, luminous, all yours. Light is captured and diffused. The Foundation’s luxurious, skincare cream-like texture is treasured and protected. “The Foundation takes much longer to produce than usual,” Ms. Saito says. “Everything must be done on a smaller scale to keep the composition perfect.”

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